Rev Simon

Empowering Faith: Rising above Weakness

Sunday 8th September: Empowering Faith: Rising above Weakness (John 5:1-15) 1. The Lord’s Compassion – Seeing a man in a desperate situation 2. The Lord’s Power – Lifting a man into a new destiny 3. The Man’s Testimony – Narrating the story of his healing

Pst David Kiniti

Empowered to Take Over

Sunday 1st September: Empowered to Take Over (Joshua 1:1-10) 1. We Take Personal Responsibility – Activate Personal Mandate 2. We Define the Scope – Activate Clarity of the Mission 3. We are ready to stand up against every opposition – Activate victory mentality 4. We subdue our fears – Activate Courage and Inner strength 5. We Rely on God’s…

Hope Mukundi

The Ten Commandments

Sunday 25th August: The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:3-17) 1. You shall not have other gods before me. 2. Honour your father and mother 3. You shall not want what belongs to others

Rev Simon

Breaking Through Into Fruitfulness

Sunday 18th August: Breaking Through Into Fruitfulness ( Isaiah 54:1-7, John 15:1-8) 1. Sing O barren woman – The birthing visitation  is here 2. Enlarge the place of your tent – The old structures will not do 3. Your descendants will spread wide – They will settle in  many nations

Rev Simon

Breakthrough Faith

Sunday 11th August: Breakthrough Faith (Mark 10:46-52) 1. Knows the source of breakthroughs – Focused on Jesus 2. Operates above contrary voices – Fighting limiting forces 3. Rises to receive the breakthrough – Finding restoration

Rev Ambrose

The Crowning Faith

Revival Sunday: The Crowning Faith (Hebrews 12:1-12) 1. Authorizing Faith – A centurion who went up the ranks 2. Unrelenting Faith – A mother who could not be ignored 3. Conquering Faith – A disciple who was unstoppable 4. Finishing Faith – A savior who held on to ultimate victory

Rev Elijah Wanje

The Healing Faith

Revival Friday: The Healing Faith:Joel 2:25-28, Hosea 6:1-3, Hebrews 11:35. 1. A misconception about healing faith (i) Its only for a selected few personalities (ii) It is for personal prosperity and glory 2. The means to healing faith 3. The manifestation of healing faith

Rev. Dr. Linda

The Trending Faith

Revival Thursday: The Trending Faith 1. Resolve to have a personal encounter with God 2. Rally resources around a cause 3. Reduce the size of your troops

Rev Patrick Kuchio

The Going Faith

Revival Wednesday: The Going Faith (Matthew 9:35-38) 1. The Problem of Persuasion 2. The Problem of Positioning 3. The Problem of Power

Rev Tom Otieno

The Fighting Faith

Revival Tuesday: The Fighting Faith Elements of Faith 1.Faith is a choice  belief –conviction of the Holy spirit required 2.Faith is a choice to trust-Experience of God is required. 3.Faith is a choice to hope-knowledge of God is required