Rev Ambrose

Celebrating Faith

Sunday 1st December: Celebrating Faith (Psalms 100:1-5) 1. God who is Faithful – In all that He says and does 2. God who Remembers – He has lifted and favored us 3. God who Acts – His wonders have been our strength

Pst David Kiniti

Breakthrough Celebration

Sunday 1st December: Breakthrough Celebration: (Isaiah 54:1-10) 1. Is an Attitude – Produced by Faith 2. Is a Response – God has Remembered Me 3. Is Informed – Anticipation of God’s Doing 3. Is Personal – A new Experience

Rev Ambrose

Seizing Faith Undefeated

Sunday 24th November: Seizing faith Undefeated (Isaiah 35:1-10) 1. Relates To God’s Name – Highly positioned 2. Locates Gods Will – Favorably placed 3. Benefits From God’s Grace – Strategically Provisioned 4. Concentrates On God’s Glory – Powerfully programmed

Pst Wachira

When We Can’t Pray

Sunday 24th November: When We Can’t Pray (1 Kings 1:9-18) 1. Deep Anguish, Bitter, no sound 2. Lay down on bare floor no food 3. Bow down, head between the knees 4. Groan under bondage

Rev Ambrose

Faith that Prevails Beyond

Sunday 17th November: Faith that Prevails Beyond (Mark 6:45-52) 1. Beyond Reason is Revelation – Faith to see 2. Beyond Weakness is Strength – Faith to go 3. Beyond Enough is Abundance – Faith to have 4. Beyond Defeat is Victory – Faith to win

Pst Victor

Seizing faith capturing the impossible

Sunday 17th November 2019: Seizing faith capturing the impossible (John 5:1-9) 1. The Picture of incapacitation – The Patient 2. The Power of the savior – The Physician 3. The Results of seizing faith – The Cure  

Rev Ambrose

Seizing Faith that Unlocks your Miracles

Sunday 10th November: Seizing Faith that Unlocks your Miracles (I Kings 18:36-46) 1. Hearts on Fire – The Access 2. Lips Declaring Solutions – The Key 3. Knees bent in Prayer – The Entry 4. Eyes looking up in Expectation – The Reception

Rev Ambrose

Seizing Faith

Sunday 3rd November: Seizing Faith (Luke 5:1-11) 1. Hears the Spoken word – Attentive Faith 2. Receives the Spoken Word – Catching Faith 3. Believes the Spoken Word – Depositing Faith 4. Actions the Spoken Word – Obtaining Faith

Rev Ambrose

The Productivity of Unbeatable Faith

Sunday 27th October: The Productivity of Unbeatable Faith (Mark 4:1-13) 1. Faith Beneath – Planted word 2. Faith Breaking out – Nurtured word 3. Faith Beyond – Fruitful word

Rev Simon

Prevailing through Prayer

Sunday 27th October: Prevailing through Prayer (Luke 11:1-13) 1. The Mid-Night Prayer – It’s Never Late to Pray 2. The Specific Prayer – State what you want 3. The Persistent Prayer – Pray until something happens