Rev Ambrose

The Vision of Impactful Redemption

Sunday 12th January: The Vision of Impactful Redemption (Psalm 107:1-9) 1. Envisioning the Redeemer – Supreme Solution 2. Envisioning the Redemption – Saving Strategy 3. Envisioning the Redeemed – Special Personnel

Rev Ambrose

The Casting of Vision 2020

Sunday 5th January: The Casting of Vision 2020 (Isaiah 61:1-11)  1. The Spirit’s Empowerment -Redemptive Impact 2. The Spirit’s Assignment – Redemptive Calling 3. The Spirit’s Blessing – Redemptive Benefits 4. The Spirit’s Celebration – Redemptive Joy

Rev Simon

Jesus in the Market Place

Sunday 29th December: Jesus in the Market Place (Luke 5:1-11) 1. Disappointment in the Marketplace – We have worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything 2. A Word for the Marketplace – Put out into deep water and let down the nets 3. Revival in the Marketplace – You will catch a lot of fish

Rev Ambrose

The Why of Christmas

Sunday 22nd December: The Why of Christmas (Matthew 2:1-12) 1. To show the Greatness of God – King Who Reigns 2. To Show the Generosity of God – Messiah Who Provides 3. To Show the Goodness of God – Ruler who Brings Justice 4. To show the Graciousness of God – Shepherd who Tends 5.…

Rev Simon

Celebrated: From Insignificant To Significant

Sunday 22nd December: From Insignificant To Significant (Luke 1:26-38) 1. Made Significant By Divine Favor – Choosing the unlikely Candidate 2. Made Significant By A Divine Word -Unpackaging God’s Glorious Plan 3. Made Significant By Divine Power – The Impossible Made Possible

Rev Ambrose

Overflowing Praises to the king

Sunday 15th December: Overflowing Praises to the king (Isaiah 9:1-7) 1. Wonderful Counselor – Inspiring wisdom 2. Mighty God – Invincible power 3. Everlasting Father – Incomparable relationship 4. Prince Of Peace – Impressive stability

Rev Simon

Praise the Lord!

Sunday 15th December: Praise the Lord! (Luke 1:46-56) 1. For who He is – He is the object of our Praise 2. For what He has done – His works are the trigger of our Praise 3. For what He will do – His promises are the hope of our Praise

Rev Ambrose

Faith that is Celebrated.

Faith that is Celebrated (Luke: 15:1-10) 1. Faith that highly values – Reaches to the treasure 2. Faith that actively seeks – Diligent in focus 3. Faith that expectantly waits – Never gives up 4. Faith that joyfully receives – Celebrates answered prayers

Pst Victor

Celebrating Faith: Faith that Praises and Blesses God

Celebrating Faith: Faith that Praises and Blesses God (Luke: 1:46 -56) 1. Praise For God’s Provision – God’s Provision 2. Praise For God’s Power – God’s Power 3. Praise For God’s Promises – God’s Promises

Rev Ambrose

Celebrating Faith

Sunday 1st December: Celebrating Faith (Psalms 100:1-5) 1. God who is Faithful – In all that He says and does 2. God who Remembers – He has lifted and favored us 3. God who Acts – His wonders have been our strength