Pst Tom Otieno

The Role of a Man in the Family

Sunday 16th June 2019: The Role of a Man in the Family: The four pillars of manhood: King – Man was made to have dominion. Warrior – God closes His Book on a white horse, in a blood-spattered robe, with a sword in His mouth and a rod of iron in His hand. Mentor –…

Moffat M. Kago

The Man as a Mentor

Friday Men’s Week Day 3: The Man as a Mentor: 1. With a clear vision, no ocean of difficulty is too great. 2. Without a vision, we rarely move beyond our current boundaries.Ideally, man is meant to know how life works 1. A man is at his best when he is mentoring. 2. When he…

Pst Simon Mbevi

Man the Warrior!

Thursday Men’s Week Day 2: 13th June 2019: Man the Warrior!The Warrior Within! 1. Testosterone effects 2. Competitive nature 3. The Genesis Mandate (2:15) 4. Roles men play Joshua 1:1-9 1. Get Ready – verse 2 2. Take Territory – Verses 3,4 3. Stay Connected! – Verse 5 4. Be Strong! Verses 6,7,9 5. Be Courageous! Verses 6,7,9…

Rev Ambrose

The Man As A King

Wednesday Men’s Week Day 1: 12th June 2019: The Man As A King (Psalms 8:1-9) 1. The Reality – You Are A King! 2. The Expectation – Act Like The King You Are 3. The Challenges – Stand Strong As An Anointed King 4. The Execution – Reign In Life As King And Priest

Rev Ambrose

Authorizing Faith

Sunday 9th June 2019: Authorizing Faith (Luke 1:26-38) 1. A Man Under Authority – Faith Positioned 2. A Woman Highly Favored – Faith Established 3. A Church Spiritually Mandated – Faith Unleashed

Rev Simon

Authorized to Authorize

Sunday 9th June 2019: Authorized to Authorize (Matt 28:16-20) 1. A Delegated Authority – Authorized:Therefore Go! 2. A Practical Authority – Authorizing:Make Disciples! 3. A Present Authority – Enabling:I am with you Always

Dr Kirk Franklin

Authorizing Faith

Sunday 2nd June 2019: Authorizing Faith By Dr. Kirk Franklin           ( Luke 10:17-20)                                                                 (Matthew 28:18-20)

Rev Ambrose

The Rights of Demanding

26th May 2019 Sunday Service:The Rights of Demanding (Romans 5:1-11) 1. The Right to Eternal Life – Divine Partnership 2. The Right to Kingdom Access – Divine Opportunities 3. The Right to Righteousness – Divine Identity 4. The Right to Divine Security – Divine Authority

Rev Simon

Demanding Faith Never Quits

26th May 2019 Sunday Service: Demanding Faith Never Quits (Mark 2:1-12) 1. Obstacles can be overcome – There is a way through 2. No situation is beyond redemption – Spiritual and Physical paralysis is reversible 3. Testimonies are born out of tests – Tenacious Faith Triumphs

Rev Ambrose

Demanding Faith (ii)

Sunday 19th May 2019: Demanding Faith (ii) (Mark 11:20-25) 1. Sees the Unseen – Through The Eyes Of The Word 2. Calls Forth the Non-existent – Through The Creative Word 3. Declares the Unheard – Through The Revealed Word 4. Walks Into the Unknown – Through The Authorized Word 5. Believes The Impossible – Though…