PDB Functions

The functions of the Board of Pastors and Deacons are as follows:-

Oversight and Arbitration Role

  • Guidance to new ministry direction (vision bearing).
  • Ensure Church’s teaching remain true to scripture (doctrinal discipline).
  • To oversee the recruitment, termination and/or exit of Pastors and Deacons.
  • Responsible for church members’ discipline.
  • To oversee the nominations and elections of leaders of the Church.
  • Appointment of Members to the Ordination Council when need arises.
  • To provide guidance to Ministry Partnerships.
  • To arbitrate any dispute arising in Church in line with scripture.

Member Care Role:

  • Assimilation and care of Members (diakonia).
  • Ministering to Members in times of crisis.
  • Referring of members in need to qualified sources for assistance.
  • Building Christian fellowship among church members.
  • Guide and counsel errant members and be available to teach, instruct and minister to the members.
  • Set a good example of Christian life as ordained Christian leaders and provide personal support to church activities.

Proclamation of the Gospel to Believers & Non-Believers:

  • Discipline through teaching and training.
  • Pulpit preaching.
  • Church planting.
  • Identifying new frontiers for ministry.
  • Appoint, select, train and ordain new Pastors and Deacons for the ministry of the church.


  • Attend scheduled meetings of the Church and perform assigned duties emanating there from.
  • Appoint Committees of the Board and set up Terms of References for the committees.
  • Consider and approve periodic review of ministry policies, programmes, strategies and activities.
  • Ensure the Church develops and nurtures healthy relationships through networking and partnerships through: intra-church, inter-church, other local organizations and government agencies, both local and international.