Pastors Word

Destiny Supply

Activating Destiny Supply

(I KINGS 3:4-15)

This is the day the Lord has made. We shall rejoice and be glad in it. We have learnt that God is the ultimate Source of all our supply. He is the giver of life. All that we have is from His hands. All that exists is due to His faithfulness and love. All wealth and riches are His to give to whoever He will. King Solomon learned how to trigger this destiny supply. We too can
have the grace to activate this supply. We do not need to live as orphans. We have a Father who will never ever abandon us. He is waiting for us to tap
into the resources of eternity. The following are important in this understanding:
1. The Treasure. [Isa 45:1-3]
2. The Time. [Ecc 3:1, 11]
3. The Trust. [Isa 26:3-4]
Whatever supply and provision we shall ever need is already available. God knew exactly what we would need and when we would need it. King Solomon though his father King David was already very wealthy, still had to rely on God as his source. He received wisdom and understanding and which opened the floodgates of all the other things he needed to reign as King. Make God your treasure. Know that God operates with time.
Trust Him for His timing is best

Arise and Shine.
Rev. Ambrose Nyangao
Senior Pastor
21st November 2021