Pastors Word

(HEB. 12:1-3)

The Lord has equipped us to be victorious at all times. He has given us unbeatable faith. This faith is tested and tried. This faith finds its source in the Lord Jesus Christ. This faith is activated as we stand on the word of God. Many of the heroes of faith had to endure all kinds of challenges. They stood the test because of the faith they had. This is not religious faith. This is faith in God and not faith in a creed or denomination.

 You have this kind of faith.

  1. It perseveres in challenges. [Heb. 12:1]
  2. It focuses on Jesus Christ. [Heb. 12:2]
  3. It is rewarded in time. [Heb. 12:3]

 It is a great season that we have entered into. Our eyes are on Jesus Christ. Our example is Jesus Christ. Our victory is in Jesus Christ. Do not be afraid of all the noise around you. Do not fear. The King of kings is in our midst. As He was with Christ, so is He with you. Believe Him. He has never failed His own.

Arise and shine.

Rev. Ambrose Ngangao.
6th October, 2019