Pastors Word

Believe in God’s Redemptive Status

(Rom 8:14-39)

What the Lord did for us in redemption changed our destiny and gave us the opportunity to receive a new status. We were born into the new nature of the resurrected Lord Jesus. The Lord came that we may have life and possess it in fullness. This life was given to us and it is the one that defines our status in Christ. The apostle Paul took pains to explain this status in the above passage and it needs the revelation of God to enjoy the benefits of this redemptive status.

This Redemption That We Have Received In CHRIST

Has Given Us A Divine Status:

  1. It is Permanent. [Rom 8:14-16]
  2. It is Purposeful. [Rom 8:26-28]
  3. It is Powerful. [Rom 8:31]
  4. It is Provisioned. [Rom 8:32]
  5. It is Protected. [Rom 8:37-39]

May the Lord give you the insight into this redemptive status. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you may know who you are in Christ; whose you are in Christ; and why you are in this new life.

I believe that God will take you to great heights this week


Arise and shine.
Rev. Ambrose Nyangao.
8th March 2020