Pastors Word

(LUKE 5:1-11)

In this season God is taking us to the next level. This is the level at which our faith is activated and actualized. We seize that which is our portion. In the above passage Peter and his colleagues found themselves in a very trying time. They had worked all night and caught nothing. The Lord knowing this, appeared in their space and turned the situation around. He gave the disciples an opportunity of seizing faith. He spoke the word. They believed it and actioned it. The results were astounding. In other words, seizing faith:

  1. Hears the spoken word [Lk 5:1-3]
  2. Receives the spoken word [Lk 5:4]
  3. Believes the spoken word [Lk 5:5]
  4. Actions the spoken word [Lk 5:6-11]

The result is that heaven comes through to the earth. The invisible is manifested in the visible. Kingdom reality engages the earthly need. Where there was lack, abundance shows The impossible becomes possible. Faith receives its reward. This is your time. Is there something God has promised you in His word? Have you labored all night without results? Seizing faith will take you to the next level. Start now.


Arise and shine.

Rev. Ambrose Ngangao.

3rd November 2019