Pastors Word

Redemptive Glory
Joy To The World
(Luke. 2:13-20 NIV)

The birth of the Lord Jesus brought with it a great joy to those who heard of it. The shepherds in the field got to hear the news from a host of angels who were praising and glorifying God. The birth of Jesus was prophesied long ago by various prophets and now it had come to pass. While many in the world today continue to debate on the details of this birth, we do need to focus on why the Lord’s birth brought so much joy to those who encountered Him. These three areas we look at.

  1. The Joy of Salvation. [Mat 1:21-25]
  2. The Joy of Freedom. [Isa 9:3-4]
  3. The joy of Life. [John 10:10]

The birth of the Lord Jesus brings joy to all. The angel said that the Child would be called Jesus for He would save people from their sins. The prophets said that Jesus would come to set the captives free. Jesus said that His main purpose was to bring us life in its fullness. This is the joy of this season. Do you know Jesus Christ? Is He the Lord of your life? This is the time to allow Him to touch you and to fill you with heavenly joy.


Arise and Shine

Rev. Ambrose Nyangao, Senior Pastor.

29th November 2020