Pastors Word



(I SA 35:1-10)

We are the children of the King of kings. Our faith is from above. This faith is undefeated. The circumstances around us may look unchanging. Things we are trusting God may not seem to be coming forth at our speed. Satan’s opposition against us may be unbearable, but God’s prophetic word tells us that seizing faith remains undefeated. God has never lost a battle. That is why our trust is not in things in this realm but things i n the unseen realm. Our trust i s i n God who is ever faithful. How then is seizing faith undefeated?
This faith:

1. Relates to God’s Name. [I Sam 17:45]
2.Locates God’s Will. [Rom 12:2]
3.Benefits from God’s Grace. [II Cor 12:9-10]
4.Concentrates on God’s Glory. [John 11:4]

The Lord Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of this faith. He went through all kinds of challenges but He emerged through to the other side victorious. His name is dependable. His will is perfect. His grace is more than sufficient. His glory secures, protects us and affirms to us that God will do what He said He will do. So stand and move forward with seizing faith. You are undefeated in the name of Jesus


Arise and shine.

Rev. Ambrose Ngangao.

8th December 2019