Ministry Staff

Our Ministry Staff assist with the planning and coordination of ministry related programs. From missions, to camps, bible studies, prayer breakfasts, ‘kesha’s’, sport meets, training programs, visitations and much more – they ensure that ministry is not hampered and flows smoothly.

  • Naomi Kayaro

    Naomi is the Coordinator in our Maturity Department

  • Francis Mukusa

    Francis is the Liaison Officer for our Pastors & Deacons Board

  • Flora Wekesa

    Flora is the Coordinator in our Ministry Identification Department

  • Joyce Shirekuli

    Joyce is the Coordinator in our Children's Ministry

  • Fredrick Petu

    Fredrick is the Coordinator in our Magnification Department

  • Mary Akinyi

    Mary is our Youth Coordinator

  • Gladys Morogo

    Gladys is the Adult Ministry Coordinator

  • Cate Maina

    Cate is our Care Center Coordinator

  • Erastus Kwaka

    Erastus is the Coordinator in our House Group Ministry