Our Colours

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by Rev. Ambrose


  • Green is a symbol of life and growth—Gen 1:30
  • Green is a symbol of freshness and vibrancy—II Kings 19:20
  • Green is a symbol of supply, satisfaction and abundance—Psa 23:2
  • Green is a symbol of thriving and endurance—Psa 92:14
  • Green is a symbol of righteousness thriving in the lives of God’s people—Prov 11:28


  • Blue is a symbol of majesty, honor and glory—Exod 25:4
  • Blue is a symbol of youthfulness and elegance—Exod 26:1
  • Blue is a symbol of covering that which is precious and honorable—Numb 4:7-9
  • Blue is a symbol of royalty—Est 8:15
  • Blue is a symbol of victors in warfare—Ezek 23:5-6


  • White is a symbol of inner beauty and honesty depicted a worthy character—Gen 30:37
  • White is a symbol of wealth and health and vibrancy—Gen 49:12
  • White is a symbol of royalty depicting justice and peace—Est 8:15
  • White is a symbol of righteousness and forgiveness and acceptance—Psa 51:7
  • White is a symbol of God’s favor and blessing—Exx 9:7-8
  • White is a symbol of cleansing—Isa 1:18
  • White is a symbol of God who is ever living, just, honorable and set apart—Dan 7:9



  1. A place of vibrant growth and health brought about by the preaching of the word of God.
  2. A place of freshness through worship and praise to the living God
  3. A place where the youth thrive and grow to be what desires them to be.
  4. A place where we are treated tenderly in the love of God and nurtured to release our gifts and talents to the glory of God.
  5. A place of experiencing the righteousness of God not in a legalistic manner but through a dynamic relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  1. A people who are connected to royalty
  2. A people of the Kingdom who walk in the elegance of the Holy Spirit and His Word.
  3. A people who are clothed by God’s love that protects that which is valuable in the sight of God.
  4. A people bringing out the goodness of the Lord to all who see them.
  5. A people who carry themselves as royalty through the covenant of the blood of Christ.
  6. A people walking in the victory of their Redeemer with courage and strength.
  1. A church that stands through the inner righteousness given to them by the Holy Spirit.
  2. A church that is healthy, wealthy and prosperous as it lifts up the banner of praise.
  3. A church that is a royal priesthood, a chosen people who belong to God.
  4. A church that is totally dependent on the sanctifying work of the cross.
  5. A church that is divinely favored and anointed for impact.
  6. A church that is righteous and whole.

A church that is connected to the Ancient of Days and the Ruler of the universe.