May – Divine Voice

The Year of the Lord’s Divine Appointments
May Declaration

The Divine Voice
A Time To Sound Forth

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that the voice of praise is attracting divine appointments to us. Like the children of Israel during the time King Jehoshaphat the Lord commanded that singers should praise the Lord. As they began to praise, the Lord sent ambushes against the enemy camp and the enemy all destroyed themselves. The people of God plundered them for three days. Our time to sound forth praise is now. Victory and prosperity will be our portion.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that the voice of thanksgiving is preparing divine appointments for us. We are entering His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts. We are the sheep of His pasture. As the Lord Jesus gave thanks for the bread and the fish, there was a multiplication miracle and a multitude was fed. We shall give thanks to the Lord.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that the voice of blessing is reactivating divine appointments for us. The blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow to it. Isaac was blessed by His Father Abraham. In his time of famine, the Lord commanded him to sow in that land and he harvested that same year a hundredfold in that land, for the Lord’s blessing was with him.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that the voice of faith is releasing divine appointments through us. The voice of faith brings forth miracles. Peter and John spoke to the paralyzed man at the temple. They commanded him to rise up and walk. His ankles were made strong and he walked, jumping and leaping and praising God. We shall sound forth the word of faith today.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that the voice of truth is establishing divine appointments for us. The spoken words of Jesus are spirit and they are truth. They restore the things the devil has destroyed to the wholeness of God. Jesus declared that He was the resurrection and the life. The result was that Lazarus was restored back to life. We shall sound forth truth today and that which is dead will rise in the name of Jesus Christ.