March – Glorious Unveiling

The Year of the Lord’s Glorious Presence
March Declaration

The Glorious Unveiling
His Revealing Presence

We decree and declare that the Holy Spirit has come to bring about the glorious unveiling of the risen Christ. He is revealing to us the majesty of the One who died for our sins, was buried and on the third day victoriously rose from the dead. He is the same Holy Spirit who raised Christ and caused Him to ascend and to sit at the right hand of the Majesty on High. He the Spirit is the Revealer of heaven to us. We position ourselves to receive this revelation. We decree and declare that we have not received the spirit of this world, but the Spirit who is from God that we may understand what has freely been given to us by God. Indeed through this revealing Spirit we shall see ourselves as God sees us. The mind of Christ is ours. The Holy Spirit brings the deep things of God to our attention. The treasures of God are unveiled to us. We have knowledge that in Christ we are the richest people on earth! As we behold the glory of God with this unveiled face we shall experience daily transformation through our precise knowledge of Christ. This is the great privilege that will come to us in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.