January – Covenant Vision

The Year of the Lord’s Covenant Blessings
January Declaration

Covenant Vision
Blessed Imagination

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that the year of the Lord’s covenant blessing is here and now. We receive the vision of the Lord given to us through His Spirit for this season and time.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that what our eyes have not seen, we shall see! What our ears have not heard, we shall hear! What our hearts have not conceived, we shall conceive and be pregnant with! We shall give birth to God’s purposes in this season and time.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that we have a divine imagination given to us by the Spirit to see the scope and the extent of the covenant blessings that are ours in Jesus Christ! For we have not received the spirit of this world, but the Spirit who is of God that we may receive what has freely been given to us in the covenant blessings.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that we possess the mind of Christ. Through this mind we shall download the thoughts of God. The vision of God embedded in the covenant will be clear and we shall be ready to execute. We have a blessed imagination for the Spirit energizes us in His power to see as far as the north, the south, the east and the west.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that the covenant vision has been cast and we are going to run with it and believe all that God has promised to do in and through us by His Spirit.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that we shall see our lives transformed. A new name has been given to us to bring about these covenant blessings. We commit ourselves to walk before God daily as He leads us in the land of promise. No weapon that is fashioned against us will prosper.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that we are so privileged to be part of the eternal scheme of God in our lives. Great things will be revealed to us and we shall not turn away from Him. His plans are to prosper us and to bring us to an expected end full of hope in the name of Jesus Christ.