April – Covenant Solutions

The Year of the Lord’s Covenant Blessings
April Declaration

Covenant Solutions
Blessed Wisdom

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that wisdom opens the solution to understanding and knowledge. The Spirit we have received is not of this world, but from God. He has deposited wisdom in us that makes us understand and know the purposes of God. We think the thoughts of God to bring godly solutions to the issues of life.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that wisdom triggers the solution to protection.We are safe from the manipulations of the world. It is our divine armour against all the tricks and the wiles of the enemy. We put on this armour and stand in the evil day and having done all, we stand. We shall not forsake wisdom for she will protect and watch over us.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that wisdom delivers the solution to honour. We shall give value to wisdom in our lives and doors of honour shall be opened to us. Grace will abound toward us and the crown of splendour shall be upon our heads.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that wisdom reveals the solution to long life. We are blessed to find wisdom. This wisdom is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. Long life is in her right hand and in her left hand are riches and honour.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that wisdom establishes the solution to a strong house. By wisdom a house is built and by understanding it is established. By knowledge its rooms are filled with precious treasures. Wisdom is a mighty fortress founded on the LORD our Rock.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that wisdom engages the solution for strategic victory. Through this wisdom we gain great power and we increase in strength. By it we wage war and find counsel for victory. No weapon that is fashioned against us will prosper and we shall refute every tongue that accuses us. This is our heritage in the LORD.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that wisdom gives the solution to right living. We declare that this wisdom will lead us along straight paths. We shall walk and our steps will not be hampered, when we run we shall not stumble or fall. Wisdom is our life in the name of Jesus Christ.