May – Restoration of Unlimited Favour

The Restoration of Unlimited Favour

We decree and declare that we are in a season of restoration. Unlimited Favour comes with restorative power. We declare that the Lord is restoring what the locusts have eaten and the cankerworms have destroyed. We are restored into fellowship with the King of glory. Our sins are forgiven and we have now received a right standing with God through Christ Jesus. We are restored into the place of dominion we once occupied in Adam. Our strength is restored. Our joy is restored. Our families are restored. Our focus is restored. Our fortunes are restored. We are like those captives who were returned to Zion. We are like those who dream and we sing with joy. The nations declare us as blessed, and indeed we are. The Lord has done and will do great things for us. Our restoration is not temporal! It is not dependant on our human effort. It is a gift from above. It is of God. We are blessed in this restoration to become a blessing. We are going forth like the four lepers in Samaria who carried the good news that the enemy had fled and left behind them abundance. We are restored to proclaim to the world that they too can be restored into this abundance. Unlimited Favour has opened a door before us that no man can shut. We declare to the gates of this world to be lifted up that the King of glory may come in! We declare this to be so in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.