Monthly Theme

The Year of the Lord’s Impactful Redemption
 December Declaration

Redemptive Glory
Impact of Adoration

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that joy has come to us in this
season and time. Redemption has brought to us the glory
of provision. The one who was born in a manger now sits on
the throne of glory. We are confident as we draw near to this
throne of grace that we may obtain mercy in time of need. We
are fully provided for within this glory and we are lifted up to
live and reside in His eternal presence. His glory fills us with
unspeakable joy.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that peace has come to reign
among us. Redemption has unveiled to us the glory of protection.
The angels of God have encamped around us as they sing
Gloriously and declare peace and goodwill among God’s people.
These angels are ministering spirits sent forth to serve those
who inherit salvation. They will lift us up in their hands that
we may not fall prey to the schemes of the enemy. His glory fills
us with peace and security.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that praise has come to lift us up
into God’s presence. Redemption has opened the door into the
glory of worship. God is spirit and seeks us to worship Him in
spirit and truth. We come to adore Him who lived, died, was
buried and on the third day rose from the dead. He sits
enthroned on high. As we behold His glory, we are transformed
into His glorious image. His glory causes us to soar in praise.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that love has come to embrace the
whole world with the knowledge of the glory of God. Redemption
has resulted in abundant glory of testimonies. Let the redeemed
of the Lord say so, whom He has redeemed from the east and
from the west, from the north and from the south. We cried in our
distress and the Lord heard us and came and delivered us and
set us on a firm foundation. His glory has made us the target
of His love.

WE DECREE AND DECLARE that fulfillment of God’s glorious purpose
has touched us. Redemption has given us the authority to be partakers
of the glory of salvation. The Lord Jesus came to His own people
but they did not receive Him. But to those who received Him, he
gave them the right to become the children of God; salvation was
deposited in them. We are recipients of this gift. Our hearts are
filled with gratitude. His glory has unveiled to us this amazing plan
in the name of Jesus Christ.