Murang’a Town mission station

Patrick-1Murang’a county is one of the counties of Kenya’s former Central Province. It constitutes 7 constituencies and has a population of approximately 942,581.

Parklands Baptist Church in Nairobi’s Westlands discovered that Muranga county was in need of the Word of God and of this reason, they embarked on a mission to plant a Church in Muranga for the community around to know who God is.

My name is Patrick Warutere and I’m the missionary pastor at Muranga Mission Station. Muranga Mission Station is a mission station of Parklands Baptist Church and it was started in the year 2005.

Missions-3It’s main focus is to ignite great commission churches across the greater Muranga region. So far, by God’s grace, we’ve been able to start 7 churches among them Yakarengo Joy Baptist Church, Nyakahura Baptist Church, Karuhia Baptist Church, Kaberua Baptist Church, Maragua Ridge Baptist Church and the newest one incorporated is Nginda Baptist Church.

Muranga Town Baptist Church is one of the church plants that serves as a mustard seed and also a coordination centre of the entire church planting work. Our focus is to reach those who are 0 to 35 years, mainly the young people, especially because of the hopelessness displayed in their involvement in drugs and in alcoholism.

“My name is Esther Wacera Mwangi, I joined this church in 2008. I didn’t think that I could lead in a church but now currently I’m the Youth President of this church and also I’m leading in Maturity Department. We are launching more ministries under youth like now we have ex-candidates, we have the young professionals, and I thank God for everything that is happening in this church.”

We are challenged to keep designing new ways of reaching the young people and some of the activities we do are big evangelistic music concerts to reach many.

Missions-2“Hello, my name is Pauline Mureithi, I’m the missionary pastors wife. We have started a feeding program whereby we’ll be feeding the kids from the slum. We’re also running a rehab centre currently in Muranga Town Baptist where we are rehabilitating the alcoholics. Just like Jesus told us that we need to be His feet, we need to be His mouth, we need to be His hands. So that’s what we hope to do as Muranga Town Baptist Church, be the feet, the mouth, and just represent Jesus in the community.”

We invite you to pray with us and to join us in the harvest field by coming to visit with us and also praying for this field as the Lord would have you.

Thank you so much may the Lord bless you.