Turkana Mission Station

“I am Henry Ongola (with Fredrick Agesa), a member of Parklands Baptist Church, serving as a missionary in Turkana, based at Lokitaung. It’s a great thing which we’ve seen as a body of Christ, Parklands Baptist Church together with its partners doing to the people of Turkana.

The community has opened and we used that opportunity to reach them out, minister unto them, because most of the time ministry is quite rare in distant areas.

In terms of education, we have sponsored a number of students. Right now we have in high school 17 students whom we are catering for and they’re doing well. We’re getting updates from the schools and they’re also thankful for the effort which we are doing.

The establishment of the greenhouse also did us good because in Lokitaung there were no greens you could not find vegetables and now vegetables are accessible and many people who were not used to vegetables are now feeding on vegetables.

Missions-3“ninajua kwamba kuna mafanyikio tutakapo endelea kukuza mimea ambayo ina kubalika katika area hii. Mimea kama kunde, nyanya, spinach na pia kuna vitu vingi ambaye tulikuwa hatuelewi kama inaweza kukuwa pande hii vyema hivyo tunaona itatufaidi na itafaidi watoto wetu pia.”

It’s our call now, to the church and to support, maybe sending teams to join us minister in crusades, minister in door-to-doors, reaching remote areas so that each and every part of Turkana may receive the light of the gospel

“kazi hii, ni kazi ambaye ni ya mungu na itaendelea mbele na tunaona ya kwamba tukikumbuka jinsi venye tumeungana namna hii, tunaona kwamba Mungu mwenyewe ataijidhirisha”

“God is making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”

Isaiah 43:18-19