Ilchamus Mission Station

Doreen“My name is Doreen Adundo, I am a member of Parklands Baptist Church and I’m the missionary in charge of the Ilchamus Mission Station in Baringo County. I was born in Nairobi, became a member of Parklands Baptist Church as a child where I attended Sunday School and I got to learn about missions through the teachings that were there and the different activities that we used to have in Sunday School. I got my calling as a Sunday School child to be a missionary but forgot about it until much later on in my life. Later, after I had finished my university, then God reminded me again that He had called me to be a missionary.

Initially it was very hard. I had many challenges as a young lady going to live amongst the people who were not speaking my language. Edward Tamar, a teacher by profession and in charge of the church there, was the one who found me in Lake Baringo when I was trying to trace where the Ilchamus community was. Through the grace of God we made it and the door that He opened for me was to work with the children.

Missions-2We started working with them in nursery school where we had a morning class that they used to come and learn the syllabus that the Kenya government has put in place for the nursery kids. Then on Sunday they used to meet at Sunday School where we used to teach them the word of God. After the Sunday School, we started having the main church where a few adults used to gather. At the beginning we were just 3 or 4 adults but we thank God that that is not the situation currently. Through the years and with the help of many partners – the locals, Parklands Baptist Church and other partners from abroad, we have made a lot of progress. Currently we have a full-fledged nursery school that has 120 pupils, we have a primary school that grew out of the nursery school that now has about 250 students, and we hope to start starting building the secondary school this year.

Missions-3From the initial number of maybe 4 adults we are currently at about 40 adults attending the Sunday service each Sunday and we thank God for that. With the help of partners also we have a guest house in Ilchamus that is able to accommodate 16 adults and other facilities that can make way for the young people if you come in big crowds. We thank God for the Ilchamus people who want to come and know more about the Lord. They are changing from a community that did not love the Lord to a community that is coming close and actually accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Not all of them have come to this point but because of the effects of those who have come we have seen the community change from being purely a pastoral community to involving other farming activities like growing of maize and other cereals, growing of beans and even fruits and this has really had a great impact on their economic situation.

Thus the situations that are there currently are not the same ones that we found on the ground in the year 2002. The people are more interested in listening to the word of the Lord, they want to know how God can help them on a personal basis. And for us that is a breakthrough. As you can see there’s still a lot of people who still do not know what Jesus can do or who Jesus is in their lives.

And so we are inviting you, with your talent, what you can do, to come and help us do mission work in the Ilchamus land because I believe there’s a place for every missionary in Ilchamus…you’re welcome!”