Endo Mission Station

Stanley“My name is Stanley Ahmadi. I’m a member of Parklands Baptist Church and currently I’m serving as a missionary in Endo, Marakwet East District in Elgeyo Marakwet County.  When I received the call to serve among the Endo people, I knew it was not easy but God through His grace gave me the courage to go and serve among the Endo people.

I have been in Endo for the last 12 years and God has been really working in my life and in the lives of many people in Endo. What I have been doing in Endo basically is to reach out to the Endo people who were lost in sin by then and God has been using me to reach out to them. A number of them have been able to receive Christ and we continue to do discipleship, establishing bible studies, helping them to grow in their salvation. We have experienced people changing their lives and they’ve been able to grow spiritually and we thank God for that.

We started a Church there called Soko Bora Baptist Church, the place was known as Soko Mjinga initially but after God working and saving people in that area, we changed the name to Soko Bora and because of that, God directed me to open a Church that is now called Soko Bora Baptist Church.

Missions-3The Church now has a membership of between 60 and 70 people and quite a number of children. And therefore this is where now my effort has been apart from moving from one place to another doing evangelism I’m also responsible for this great congregation, whereby I minister to them on a daily basis. Those who come for counseling, I’m available to help them with different issues that they’re going through.

Therefore this has not been something that I would say has been very easy but I thank God that this far He has brought us. Some of the challenges that we have been going through is you know when the Church is growing and as you continue to serve, they’re so many needs around you and people see you as somebody who is very important, somebody who is able to meet their needs, both spiritual and physical needs. And therefore they have been running to me as somebody who can really be there for them in every way.

Therefore it has not been easy and especially as a person, as an individual, I may not have all the people want. We have been trying to meet some of these needs.

Missions-2Our partners actually, it has been Parklands Baptist Church – it is the Church that sent me to work among the Endo people and through the main ministry of Parklands Baptist Church they helped us build a Church that is not complete at the moment. We started building it in 2008 and I have done quite a bit of work on it but still it needs funds to help us complete the work that is remaining.

And therefore, other needs, the issue of having a Sunday school hall, and also we have a school which we are also working on it and we need classrooms and Endo has been fully depending on Parklands Baptist Church. We believe that the support the Church has been giving us it has been able to enable us to move a step forward and we still expect a lot from Parklands Baptist Church to help this station so that as we exit we will be able to leave this place better than we found it.

This time the focus has always been discipleship as I earlier said that we need to help these people grow. And this area was not favorable. It was one of the areas that had so many issues, the issue of cattle rustling, people coming from time to time stealing and killing people. I expect Soko Bora Baptist Church to plant more churches among the Endo people and even the entire District.

This is the station that has been there for many years, more than any other mission station and I challenge Parklands Baptist Church because it has been our sponsor and I want to request that they continue to help this station and that is my prayer for Parklands and even for the people among the Endo people that one day we will stand before the Lord and rejoice together with those God has helped us to reach out to them and we will be able to say this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.

So thank you for helping us and thank you for being a blessing to me personally and to the Endo people.

May God richly bless Parklands Baptist Church and the people in Endo.”