Benevolence Ministry

Benevolence Ministry serves the membership in the event of a bereavement by giving financial assistance and attending the funeral to stand with the family.  In the unfortunate event of a bereavement the church will support its members financially as follows:

Lets’ come together and offer a helping Hand. #ShareLove Donate in cash(A family share package goes for Kshs 3,000 /=). You may donate as the Lord leadeth you to. #HabanaHaba M-Pesa Paybill 890900 AccName: ShareLove

Click on the link below to register for the above Parkie Fariji Package


The church will require the following documents:

  • Death certificate
  • Proof of PBC membership status

Please click the link below to fill the online bereavement form to be assisted.

Bereavement online forms

Those who intend to support the bereaved members by traveling for the burial kindly click the required form below.

Burial Traveling consent form

If you desire to donate to the church in kind,please fill in the online form below

Donating online form

If you desire to receive a donation in kind from the church also fill in the form below

Receiving donation online form

The church will also stand with the members during financial difficulties with a one time financial assistance. Kindly note the maximum funds you can ask for household and rent related request is 40,000ksh. If you are in dire need financially kindly click the online form below.

The church will require the following documents:

  • Debt note from your landlord
  • One month rent receipt
  • Proof of PBC membership status
  • Church leaders would love to visit you
  • Your Monthly Budget Click Here to Download a sample

Financial support online form

Disclaimer!!! We only assist registered members of Parklands Baptist Church, the vetting committee has the discretion to accept or decline your application. Also note Financial assistance is a one time support.

NB: The medical support request are reviewed by the Care Center click here to access the form

Benevolent Fund Support Application Cycle

Step 1: Obtain online forms or hard copy from the Benevolence Office

Step 2: Submit your application either online or manually

Step 3: Receive a notification via email if your online submission has been successful

Step 4: Committee to review your request within 1-3 days

Step 5: Receive Award/ Decline notification via email or phone call

Step 6: If successful collect cheque/cash from the Benevolence Office within 4-7 days

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