Member Care

Member Care Department

Member Care is the department at PBC that is responsible for the congregants holistic growth. We have 4 ministries under Member Care namely:

a) Benevolence Ministry
b) Care Center
c) Hospitality Ministry
d) House Group Ministry

Edith Kirimi Member Care Pastor

Edith Kirimi
Member Care Pastor

a) Benevolence Ministry serve the membership in the event of bereavement, medical support and financial support to needy members.

b) Hospitality Ministry refreshes the membership with a cup of tea during AGM, Business Meeting and after the serves. It is also subdivided into 3 key areas namely:
i) Karibu Center; where we receive our visitors
ii) Catering Team
iii) Visitation Team

Erastus Kwaka
House Group Coordinator

c) House Group Ministry is the fellowship arm of the department. We encourage all the members to be part of a house group in their neighbourhood. Currently we have over 250 house groups scatter across the city divided into 6 regions namely:
i) North Region- Thika Rd., Limuru Rd. & Kiambu Rd.
ii) South Region- Ngong Rd., Langata Rd., Naivasha Rd., Kileleshwa & Kilimani area
iii) East Region- Mombasa Rd. and Jogoo Rd.
iv) West Region- Westlands, Parklands, Murang’a Rd. & Lower Kabete
v) Central Region- CBD
vi) Waiyaki Way Region- Mt. View, Kinoo, Kikuyu & Limuru area

d) Care Center serves the membership physical and psychological needs it is further subdivided into 3 key areas:
i) First Aid Center
ii) Counselling Center
iii) Fitness & Nutrition