Mens Ministry

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The Men’s Ministry of Parklands Baptist Church (PBC) can be traced from small bible study groups whose participants were men and which were organized and led by a few men who themselves were products of Students Discipleship Ministry (SDM) in the early 1990s. Prior to this, PBC did not have a Men’s Fellowship per se, but had small bible study groups which were charged with the responsibility of discipleship albeit in a small way.

Such groups were organized in such a way as to address the plight of the Youth, Men, Women, New Believers and so. Alongside these were pockets of cell groups whose functions were not adequately advertised to the larger church hence there was little participation by church members. With the expansion of the church, a number of leaders in the men’s bible study groups were called into other frontiers of ministry and it became apparent that they could no longer handle those bible study groups effectively. But being astute leaders, they left behind reliable men whom they had equipped with sound knowledge and skills to lead those groups to greater heights.

It was no surprise that by the late 90s these reliable men had not only strengthened those bible study groups but had also formed a full fledged Men’s Fellowship that had taken a holistic approach in addressing the needs of men at PBC. This approach inclined the leaders of the Men’s Fellowship to clearly define the vision and mission of the fellowship, lest they became a bunch of people who had no direction, thus in the long run perish. In this regard, the vision and mission of the fellowship were defined and thereon the fellowship sought to proclaim the gospel to every man, raising and developing men into godly leaders.

To achieve this noble objective, the Fellowship strived to provide an environment for men to grow into Christ like whole persons, to raise them to spiritual maturity through discipleship and teaching and to prepare them for effective ministry to others. In the year 2000 with the movement of PBC from Parklands to Westlands, the fellowship’s vision and mission prompted it to continue expanding her frontiers.

Indeed this prompted the Strategic Coordinating Task Force Committee formed in the year 2005 to objectively look at the role of this Fellowship with a view of opening more opportunities for it in order to address the plight of men effectively. It became apparent that even the word Men’s Fellowship was an understatement as it emerged that men had a major role to play at PBC and by extension in the body of Christ. It was at this juncture that the Fellowship was branded Men’s Ministry a name that was believed would befit its Herculean task that it was fashioned to undertake.

As a result, the Men’s Ministry now strives to reach all men in the church community with the word of God through Sunday bible study, weekly telephone contact, and online newsletter. In the pipeline are strategies like business forums, professional seminars and health and recreational activities that will be unveiled very soon to be used to reach men. It should be noted the all these strategies are commensurate with the ministry’s vision and mission pointing to the fact that this ministry’s future is very bright. In order to effectively undertake these strategies, the Men’s Ministry has established five departments within its ranks.

They are:

  • Missions and Evangelism whose mandate in conjunction with the Missions Department of the larger church is to mobilize men in missions and evangelism outreach. In here it is important to note that the Men’s Ministry has adopted Endo community for outreach hence has taken the leading role in mobilizing the church towards raising funds to build a sanctuary in that area as well as support missionaries in the area seconded by the church. Other departments include Capacity Building whose mandate is to identify and equip men to posses the tools and knowledge to handle all that appertains to all areas of ministry work;
  • Discipleship and Member Care whose responsibility is to help men develop a consistent walk with Christ throughout their lives; Leadership and Development charged with the responsibility of empowering men to serve with excellence and integrity in whatever vocation(s) they engage in as well ensure continuity of the department through forming a continuous recruitment process;
  • and Prayer and Corporate Worship whose mandate is to help men understand the importance of prayer in their lives as well as help them establish consistent prayer life in their walk with Christ.
    While the establishment of these departments was geared towards helping the Men’s Ministry achieve its objectives, this goal has not been achieved to the degree that is satisfactory. To date, the departments still grapples with the issue of inadequate personnel, the resultant effective being overburdened individuals.

This to a large extent contributes to burn out, an aspect that is responsible for killing ministries. To this end the ministry is calling upon men to come up in there numbers and join these departments as the work is plentiful but the laborers are few. Moreover there is a genuine cry from the youth at PBC who are looking for men of substance who can be their mentors and role models. Indeed this is an area that has been neglected for long and the repercussions have been obvious.

Nonetheless, the Men’s Ministry takes this opportunity to thank all men who have been part and parcel of the ministry. Their labor in the Lord is not in vain. On this note the ministry encourages all men of PBC to join its ranks and help in fulfilling not only its vision and mission, but also the objectives lined up for the year:

  • To establish a business forum where business people can be enriched with godly principles of undertaking business as well as build networks for the improvement of their businesses
  • To connect with the youth programs, hence participate in bringing up youth of integrity; and to create a social ground for men of PBC, an arena that is expected to foster relationships through the establishment of gymnasium, provision of room fully equipped with DSTV for soccer matches and so on.

By so doing, the ministry will be able to fulfill its long term objectives of establishing a vibrant professionals’ forum for all professional members in the church to give career guidance to the youth and school leavers, attachment opportunities in their firms, seminars on topical areas and act as role models; as well as establishing a vibrant health and recreational facility at the church compound geared towards promoting the health and fitness of the church members, and to attract potential members and neighboring communities to come to the church.