Childrens Ministry

Children-1When Jesus was here on earth, He emphasized the importance of the children. In Mark 10:14, he declared, “Let the little children come to me; do not stop them.” Jesus also believed in child evangelism as seen in Matthew 18:1-4 where He pronounces harsh words on anyone who offends a child who believes in him. It is clear he considers it entirely possible that little ones have the capacity to believe in Him.

Young children are notably tender; their sincerity is never in doubt and their hearts are capable of genuine conversion. In fact, Jesus told adults that they must become like children to experience the new birth (Matthew 18:3).

The church that reaches out to its children has a better chance of reaching out to its adults. Many newly converted children with their parents and their friends to the Lord. These children grow up to be adults who can nurture their own families to faith in Jesus Christ.

children-1Church attendance by children has a lifelong impact; 61% majority of adults who attended church as children still attend regularly, in contrast to the 22% of those who were not church goers as children attending church today. Likewise, it is the duty of every parent or guardian to introduce the word of God to their child at home. Deuteronomy 6:6-9 shows the different ways we can do that. After the parents teach the child at home, the church is able to reinforce these teachings at the pulpit and in Sunday School. There should be a partnership between parents and teachers.

Other ways parents can get involved in what their children learn at church include:
• Talking to Sunday School teachers to understand what their children are learning
• Being involved as volunteers in the church’s children’s ministries

dd2Let us always remember that early conversion saves not only a soul but potentially points an entire life towards service to God and man.

Be the example that our child can copy.


Pastor Susan Wanjira
Children’s Pastor