Board of Trustees

TrusteesThis body holds the assets of the church in trust and enters contractual and all legal arrangements on behalf of the church. It is registered under the Land Act (Perpetual Succession).

The Board of Trustees act as the legal representatives of the Church in all legal matters and enter into all legal and contractual agreements on behalf of Parklands Baptist Church. The Board ensures that the Church complies with legal requirements. The Board ensures the formulation and maintenance of sound financial management procedures. It ensures that audited accounts and financial statements are presented to members at the Annual General Meeting and that all statutory requirements are met by the Chruch. The Board acts all times in accordance with any directions given to it by the Church in General Meetings relating to assets held by the Trustees on behalf of the Church.

There are a total of seven (7) Trustees elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting who serve three-year terms. Directly under their mandate are the following:

  • Budget and Finance Committee
    Apart from budgeting and monitoring expenditure, the Budget and Finance Committee is involved in seeking and developing avenues of raising and managing the income of the church.
  • Property Development and Maintenance Committee
    This team identifies need for space among the various sections of the church and develops ways of meeting those needs. It also oversees the maintenance of the entire church property so as to maintain an attractive and comfortable, clean area of worship.
  • Procurement Committee
  • Resource Mobilization Committee
  • Security & Safety Task Force