Board of Trustees

This body holds the assets of the church in trust and enters contractual and all legal arrangements on behalf of the church. It is registered under the Land Act (Perpetual Succession).

The Board of Trustees act as the legal representatives of the Church in all legal matters and enter into all legal and contractual agreements on behalf of Parklands Baptist Church. The Board ensures that the Church complies with legal requirements. The Board ensures the formulation and maintenance of sound financial management procedures. It ensures that audited accounts and financial statements are presented to members at the Annual General Meeting and that all statutory requirements are met by the Chruch. The Board acts all times in accordance with any directions given to it by the Church in General Meetings relating to assets held by the Trustees on behalf of the Church.

There are a total of seven (7) Trustees elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting who serve three-year terms. Directly under their mandate are the following:

  • Budget and Finance Committee
    • Actively ensuring church expenditure conforms to approved budgets.
    • Facilitates and actively engages in seeking and developing avenues of increasing the Church’s income base, in collaboration with other ministries
    • Develop, review and monitor budget and finance policies and their operations.
  • Property Development and Maintenance Committee
    • This team facilitates infrastructural development, and identifies development, monitors and reviews policies on the needs of the church property .
    • It oversees the maintenance of the entire church property so as to maintain an attractive and comfortable, clean areas of worship.
    • Develop budget proposals and oversee approved development plans.
  • Procurement Committee
    • Ensures policies on transparency and accountability are adhered to during acquisition of PBC operations and of goods and services.
    • Continually develops, reviews and monitors procurement operations in PBC.
  •  Investment Committee
    • Identify and develop PBC investment plans.
    • Identify key areas the church can venture into within and without the church to develop a diversified portfolio and solid risk management strategies.
    • Coordinate and lead investment forums for PBC members.
  • Business Development Committee
    • Infrastructure development for business development.
    • Develop key marketing messages , develop and review business development policies.
    • Ensure all PBC income streams are reaching their full potential.
  • Fundraising Committee
    • identify areas of need and create awareness of fundraising plans.
    • Engage members in fundraising activities of the church.
    • Keep updated records of fundraising activities and funds.
  • Legal Committee
    • Develop and monitor legal policies and provide counsel to the board on legal matters.
    • review key trend in legislation and advise the board accordingly.
    • Ensure PBC is legally covered in all contractual obligations.
  • Security & Safety Committee
    • Recommend and strengthen the integration of security and law enforcement arrangements , including enhanced threat and risk assessments and response strategies.
  • Quality Control Committee
    • Ensure that the BoT and their committees therein maintain quality standards in their activities and projects
    • Conduct appraisals of all assets , resources and projects delivery within BoT operations.