Sermon Archives: September2020

Rev Ambrose

Dominion Demonstrated

Sunday 27th September: Dominion Demonstrated (JOHN 5:1-9) 1. Get up! – The Mind Ignited 2. Pick up your Bed! – The Ability Engaged 3. Walk! – The Lifestyle Experienced

Rev Simon

Authority in the Declared Divine Word

Sunday 20th September: Authority in the Declared Divine Word (Matthew 8:5-13) 1. The Reach Factor – Authority not diminished by distance 2. The Power Factor – Authority not dwarfed by the problem 3. The Faith Factor – Authority amplified by faith

Rev Simon


Sunday 13th September: Understanding the Believer’s Authority (LUKE 10:17-21) 1. A Delegated Authority – Authority Received 2. A Purposed Authority – Authority Applied 3. A Rewarded Authority – Authority Celebrated

Rev Simon

Exercise your Redemptive Dominion

Sunday 6th September: Exercise your Redemptive Dominion ( 2 Corinthians 10:3-5) 1. The Keys of Redemptive Dominion – Authorized to Rule 2. The Power of Redemptive Dominion – Enabled to Rule 3. The Scope of Redemptive Dominion – Released to Rule