Sermon Archives: December2019

Rev Ambrose

Faith that is Celebrated.

Faith that is Celebrated (Luke: 15:1-10) 1. Faith that highly values – Reaches to the treasure 2. Faith that actively seeks – Diligent in focus 3. Faith that expectantly waits – Never gives up 4. Faith that joyfully receives – Celebrates answered prayers

Pst Victor

Celebrating Faith: Faith that Praises and Blesses God

Celebrating Faith: Faith that Praises and Blesses God (Luke: 1:46 -56) 1. Praise For God’s Provision – God’s Provision 2. Praise For God’s Power – God’s Power 3. Praise For God’s Promises – God’s Promises

Rev Ambrose

Celebrating Faith

Sunday 1st December: Celebrating Faith (Psalms 100:1-5) 1. God who is Faithful – In all that He says and does 2. God who Remembers – He has lifted and favored us 3. God who Acts – His wonders have been our strength

Pst David Kiniti

Breakthrough Celebration

Sunday 1st December: Breakthrough Celebration: (Isaiah 54:1-10) 1. Is an Attitude – Produced by Faith 2. Is a Response – God has Remembered Me 3. Is Informed – Anticipation of God’s Doing 3. Is Personal – A new Experience