Sermon Archives: November2018

Pst Ken Oduor

Divine Invasion

Sunday 25th November 2018: Divine Invasion: Joshua 1:1-8 1. Accept – Embrace separation and allow not your past to define you. 2. Adjust – Set a new path and see yourself differently and allow God to use you like your predecessors. 3. Advance – Go for it, with the knowledge of Him on your side.

Deacon Francis Wairagu

Divine Invasion: A Time for Elevation

Sunday 18th November 2018: Divine Invasion: A Time for Elevation (Esther 6:1-14) 1. Prayer triggers a Divine Kingdom Invasion 2. A Divine Kingdom Invasion causes Elevation 3. Kingdom Elevation should drive us to Action. Divine appointment; Divine location; The threat; Divine revelation and prayer;

Rev Ambrose

The Invasion of God’s Glory

Sunday 11th November 2018: The Invasion of God’s Glory (Psalm 24:1-10) 1. His Presence  – Glorious Environment 2. His Protection – Glorious Engagement 3. His Purpose – Glorious Enlightenment 4.His Power – Glorious Enablement

Pst Flavia

Impact of Divine Invasion

Sunday 11th November 2018: Impact of Divine Invasion (John 1:1-11. Luke 4:18-19) 1. Silence was broken  – Proclaim the good news. 2. Light in Darkness – Proclaim freedom and recovery 3. Grace and Truth – Proclaim the Favour of God

Rev Ambrose

The Divine Invasion – A Time to Deliver

Sunday 4th November 2018: The Divine Invasion – A Time to Deliver (Luke 4:13-30)  1. From Self to God – Kingdom Position 2. From Fear to Faith – Kingdom Believing 3. From Rejection to Acceptance – Kingdom Understanding 4. From a Heap of Ashes to a Throne of Honor – Kingdom Promotion

Pst Flavia

The Kingdom Invasion

Sunday 4th November 2018: The Kingdom Invasion (ACTS 1:1-11) 1. A supernatural occurrence – GOD INITIATED 2. A demonstrative evident power – HOLY SPIRIT EMPOWERED 3. An uncontainable gospel – TRANSFORMATIONAL TRUTH. 4. A lifelong mandate – EVEN UNTO DEATH.