Sermon Archives: July2018

Rev Calisto

Arise! Shine!Go Out in Space

31st July 2018 Revival Tuesday: It’s Time for Africa: Arise! Shine! Go: Out in Space #SeizeTheNow (Joshua 14:6-15) Who said the North must always be at the top, if the world is a globe is just  depends on where you are looking at, your view point depends on where you are actually standing.

Rev Julian

Take The Market place: A place called Home

30th July 2018 Revival Monday: Take The Market place: A place called Home (Ecclesiastes 3:1-19) Sometimes what fed you can kill you if you stay longer than you are supposed to stay. There is a place when where you are you have to come out because a time has been allocated for a specific thing to…

Rev Ambrose

Revival Season In The Now

Sunday 29th July 2018: Revival Season In The Now (Ezekiel 47:1-12) 1. Source of Revival : Presence – God’s House 2. Depths of Revival : Placement – God’s Guidance 3. Results of Revival : Provision – God’s Revelation 4. Overflow of Revival : Purpose – God’s Declarations

Rev Simon

Seize The Now

Sunday 29th July 2018:Seize The Now ( Mark 10:45-52 ) 1. The Now Presence – The Great I AM  in town 2. The Now Prayer – Persistent and Unstoppable 3. The Now Provision – A destiny changing Miracle  

Rev Ambrose

Our Full Inheritance In Christ

Sunday 22nd July 2018:Our Full Inheritance In Christ (Ephesians 1:1-14) 1. Unveiled Inheritance – By The Revealed WORD 2. Unlocked Inheritance – By Inspired and Expectant PRAYER 3. Unfolding Inheritance – By Focused and Continuous OBEDIENCE

Rev Simon

Catch The Fire

Sunday 22nd July 2018:Catch The Fire ( Exodus 3:1-15) 1. The Burning Bush – A Divine Appointment 2. The Burning Voice – A Divine Call 3. The Burning Commission – A Divine Command

Rev Ambrose

A Time to Be Refreshed

Sunday 15th July 2018: A Time to Be Refreshed (Joel 2:21-32) 1. Amply Supplied – The Fish Always Abounds 2. Amazingly Positioned – Seated In Heavenly Places 3. Abundantly Deployed – Beyond The Unfamiliar 4. Ably Supported – Grace More Than Sufficient

Rev Simon

A Time to Refresh Your Dream

Sunday 15th July 2018: A Time to Refresh Your Dream (Josh 14:6-15) 1. A Renewed Vision – See through God’s Eyes 2. A Renewed Vigor – A Bold Declaration 3. A Renewed Action Plan – Take Your Possession

Rev Ambrose

The Divine Overflow Actualized

Sunday 8th July 2018: The Divine Overflow Actualized (Deuteronomy 28:1-13) 1. The Promise – Your Inheritance 2. The Prayer – Your Demand 3. The Provision – Your Blessing 4. The Praise – Your Fulfilment

Rev Simon

Refreshed Abundantly

Sunday 8th July 2018: Refreshed Abundantly (1 Kings 16:36-46) 1. Elijah’s Altar – Addressing the root of the problem 2. Elijah’s Prayer – Asking for fire from above 3. Heaven’s Response – Abundant refreshment