Sermon Archives: February2018

Pst Flavia

Preferential Treatment

Sunday 25th Feb 2018: Preferential Treatment (GENESIS 18: 16-33)  1. Through a significant interruption – Humbling Honor 2. For a significant responsibility – Privileged Assignment  3.To cause a significant impact – Undisputable Difference

Pst Victor

Your Elevation Time Is Now

Sunday 25th Feb 2018: Your Elevation Time Is Now: (Mark 5: 21-34) 1. Rise Against Your Obstacles – Take your position of elevation 2. Seize Your Elevation Moment – Take faith as your key for your elevation 3. Elevation Experienced – Your elevation time is now

Rev. Simon

A City Built On A Hill

Sunday 18th Feb 2018: A City Built On A Hill (Matt 5:1-16) 1. Elevated By The Power Of God. 2. Elevated To Light Up The World. 3. Elevated To Bring Glory To God.

Rev Ambrose

The Highly Favored

Sunday 11th Feb 2018: The Highly Favored (Luke 1:26-38) 1. Favor That Locates – From ordinary to extraordinary 2. Favor That Accelerates – From Common To Uncommon 3. Favor That Downloads – From Beyond to Within

Rev Simon

Elevated Into A New Identity

Sunday 11th February 2018: Elevated Into A New Identity: Isaiah  61:1-11 1. Rebranded – Adorned By God 2. Restored – Amply Compensated 3. Reassigned – A Royal And Revived Priesthood

Rev Ambrose

Divine Favor – A Time To Elevate

Sunday 4th Feb 2018: Divine Favor – A Time To Elevate (Isaiah 61:1-11). 1) Proclaim The Season. 2) Provide The Reason. 3) Project The Elevation.

Rev. Simon

Elevating Favor

Sunday 4th February 2018: Elevating Favor (John 5:1-11) 1) Elevation Expected. 2) Elevation Proclaimed. 3) Elevation Experienced.