Sermon Archives: October2017

Rev Ambrose

Abounding Grace

Sunday 29th October 2017: Abounding Grace (2 Cor 9:5-15). 1. Grace To Perform. 2. Grace To Propel. 3. Grace To Provide. 4. Grace To Praise.

Rev Simon

Jesus Reigns!

Sunday 29th October 2017: Jesus Reigns! (Phil 2:1-11) 1. Love Demonstrated. 2. Glorious Exaltation. 3. A Mighty Harvest.

Rev. Ambrose

The 10% Blessed Miracle

Sunday 22nd October 2017: The 10% Blessed Miracle (Gen 14:11-24) 1. The Key 2. The Command 3. The Practice 4. The Miracle

Rev. Simon

Be Still!

Sunday 22nd October 2017: Be Still! (Psalm 46:1-3) 1. A Eternal Refuge 2. A Living Presence 3. Undisturbed Peace

Rev. Ambrose

Promises of Blessed Breakthrough

Sunday 15th October 2017: Promises of Blessed Breakthrough (Isaiah 35:1-10) 1. The Source of Breakthrough 2. The recipient of Breakthrough 3. The Power of Breakthrough 4. The Authority of Breakthrough

Rev. Simon

The God of Much More

Sunday 15th October 2017: The God of Much More (Isaiah 54:1-5, 1 Cor 2:9a) 1. Abundant Seeing 2. Abundant Hearing 3. Abundant Conceiving

Rev. Simon

Breakthrough At Last

Sunday 8th October: Breakthrough at last (Joshua 3:1-17) 1. Authored by God 2. Triggered by a step of faith 3. The barrier removed

Rev. Ambrose

Take-Over Prosperity

Sunday 8th October 2017: Take-Over Prosperity, You shall posses! (Deut 8:1-8) 1. Prosperity will position you 2. Prosperity with strengthen you 3. Prosperity will instruct you 4. Prosperity will promote you

Rev. Ambrose

Covenant Prosperity

Sunday 1st October 2017: Covenant Prosperity ( Deut 8:1-18) 1. You Shall Live 2. You Shall Increase 3. You Shall Enter 4. You Shall Possess

Rev. Simon

Marks Of The Go Church Part II

Sunday 1st October 2017: Marks Of The Go Church Part II (Acts 13:1-12). 1 Prayer And Fasting. 2. Hearing God’s Voice. 3. Commissioning Of The Saints.