Sermon Archives: June2017

Rev. Ambrose

Doors Of Covenant Relationship

Sunday 25th June 2017: Doors Of Covenant Relationship (Rev 3:7-13) 1. The Door Of Worship 2. The Door Of Compassion 3. The Door Of Desire  

Pst Chris Atemo

Making Responsible Choices

Sunday 18th June 2017: Making Responsible Choices 1. Fight The Battle. 2. Stand As A Man. 3. Lead As A Man. 4. Provide As A Man. 5. Participate.

Rev. Ambrose

The Privileges of Covenant Relationship

Sunday 11th June 2017: The Privileges of Covenant Relationship (John 14:12-21) 1. Divine Assignments. 2. Divine Communications. 3. Divine Companion. 4. Divine Revelation.

Rev. Simon

Reconciliation: Jacob Meets Esau

Sunday 11th June 2017: Reconciliation: Jacob Meets Esau (Genesis 3:1-11). 1. The Prayer of reconciliation. 2. The Practice of reconciliation. 3. The Power of Reconciliation.

Rev. Ambrose

Covenant Relationship

Sunday 4th June 2017: Covenant Relationship (John 4:13-26) 1. From no more to more than enough (John 2:3-5).  2. From no worship to Spirit worship (John 4:14-24).  3. From no health to full health (John 4:46-50).  4. From no joy to kingdom celebration (John 11:5-6)

Rev. Simon

Friendship With God

Sunday 4th June 2017: Friendship With God ( John 15:1-17)  1. A Redemptive Friendship (Purchase from the slave market).  2. An Elevating Friendship (Raised to the highest position).  3. A Commissioning Friendship (Set apart for a powerful purpose).