Sermon Archives: December2016

Pst. Wachira

Finishing Strong

Christmas Sunday 25th December 2016: Finishing Strong (Luke. 1:26-33). 1 Joseph. 2. Mary. 3 Jesus

Rev. Ambrose

The Glorious Season

Sunday 18th December 2016: The Glorious Season (Matthew 2:1-12). 1. The Visitors. 2. The Ruler. 3. The City. 4. The Star

Rev. Simon

Celebrating God’s Best Gift

Sunday 18th December 2016: Celebrating God’s Best Gift (Matthew 2:1-12). 1. Where Is He? 2. Who Is He? 3. What Do We Do?

Rev. Ambrose

The Amazing Presence

Sunday 11th December 2016: The Amazing Presence ( Luke 2:1-20). 1. The Timing. 2. The Venue. 3. The Message. 4. The Singing. 5. The Memory.

Rev. Simon

The Glorious Celebration

Sunday 11th December 2016: The Glorious Celebration (Luke. 1:46-56). 1. Declaring God’s Glory. 2. Declaring God’s Power. 3. Declaring God’s Faithfulness.

Rev. Dr Mike Long

The Gift Of A Broken Heart

Sunday 4th December 2016: The Gift Of A Broken Heart (Psalms 51:16-17). Jesus comes to forgive us, offer a relationship, to give us a new heart, a warm heart. Does sharing the love of Jesus Christ warm your heart?  Revelation 3:20