Sermon Archives: August2016

Rev. Simon

Gideon’s Victory

Sunday 28th August 2016. Gideon’s Victory (Judges 7:1-22) 1. Victory Over Low Esteem. 2. Victory Over Altars Of Evil. 3. Victory Over The Midianites.

Pst Susan

Helping Our Children Encounter God

Sunday 21st August 2016: Helping Our Children Encounter God (Isaiah. 6:1-9). 1. What do we understand by having an encounter with God. 2. What do we need to teach our children in order for them to encounter God. 3. What will happen if our children encounter the Lord.  

Deacon Mukoma Munyuthe

The Gideon Generation: A ‘Change’ Generation

Sunday 21st August 2016: The Gideon Generation: A ‘Change’ Generation (Judges. 6-7). 1. The Challenge. 2. Accepting The Call. 3. Seeking Divine Guidance. 4. Experiencing Divine Victory

Rev. Simon

Gideon’s New Dawn Altar

Sunday 14th August 2016: Gideon’s New Dawn Altar(Judges. 6:11 -29). 1. The Midianite Oppression. 2. The Angel Of The Lord Visits Gideon. 3. Gideon Overthrows The Altar Of Baal.

Rev. Peter Chin

Glorious Encounter His Re-Creative Presence

Sunday 14th August 2016: Glorious Encounter His Re-Creative Presence (John. 3:16).

Bishop Dr. William Tuimising

The Spirit Of Wisdom

Revival Sunday 7th August 2016: The Spirit Of Wisdom (John. 16:13-33, II Corinthians. 3:17-18).

Pst. Ken Oduor

Overcoming The Giants Of Life

Revival Friday 5th August 2016: Overcoming The Giants Of Life (I John. 5:4-5). 1. Refuse To Listen To Negative People. 2. Recall The Temptation To Use Untested Weapons. 3. Refuse To Rejoice Before Full Victory.

Mrs. Adah Adoyo

Aha Moments

Revival Thursday 4th August 2016: Aha Moments (John. 16:29-30). The Joy Of Crossing Over

Rev. Ambrose

The Divine Password

Revival Wednesday 3rd August 2016: The Divine Password (John. 16:13-16). 1. Authorizing Person. 2. Awesome. 3. Activating Presence.

Pst. Wachira

Conflicts To Crossing Over

Revival Tuesday 2nd August 2016: (Hebrews. 12:1-3). 1. We Live In A Fast And Crowded World. 2. It Is Easy To Drift Along. 3. A New Mindset. 4. A New Inspiration.