Sermon Archives: February2016

Rev. Ambrose

Mentality of Champions

Sunday 28th February 2016: Mentality of Champions (Numbers 14:1-24). 1. Keep Their Focus. 2. Keep Their Faith In God. 3. Keep Their Courage.

Rev. Simon

Marching Into Covenant Destiny

Sunday 28th February 2016: Marching Into Covenant Destiny (Joshua 3:1-17). 1. The Covenant People. 2. The Covenant God. 3. The Covenant Breakthrough.

Rev. Ambrose

Doors of Glorious Destiny

Sunday 21st February 2016: Doors of Glorious Destiny (Acts 2:31-41). 1. The Glorious Eternal Life. 2. The Glorious Empowerment. 3. The Glorious Elevation.

Rev. Simon

God’s Glorious Destiny

Sunday 21st February 2016: God’s Glorious Destiny (Isaiah 62:1-12 and Joshua 1:1-11). 1. A Glorious Word of Destiny. 2. A Glorious ¬†Picture of Destiny. 3. A Glorious Realization of Destiny.

Rev. Ambrose

Glorious Destiny

Sunday 14th February 2016: Glorious Destiny (John 16:13-24). 1. The Touch of God. 2. The Voice of God. 3. The Presence of God.

Pst. Wachira

Love Much

Sunday 14th February 2016: Love Much (Luke 7:36-50). 1. Talk to One Another. 2. Demonstrate Passion and Posture. 3. Both Simon and Mary were Undeserving of God’s Love. 4. Extravagant Responses.

Rev. Simon

The Glorious Destiny

Sunday 7th February 2016: The Glorious Destiny (Isaiah 62:1-12). 1. A Word of Destiny. 2. A Picture of Destiny. 3. A Reality of Destiny.