Sermon Archives: September2015

Rev. Simon

The Stone of David: A Channel Of God’s Power

Sunday 27th September 2015: The Stone Of David: A Channel of God’s Power (1 Samuel 17:41-55). 1. A Stone Trained On Goliath. 2. A Stone Saving A Nation. 3. A Stone Bringing Glory To God.

Pst. Wachira

From Seed to Fruit

Sunday 20th September 2015: From Seed to Fruit (1 Cor. 3:9-15). 1. Building – (a) wisdom, (b) master builder, (c) foundation. 2. Sexual Life – (a) flee immorality, (b) marry, (c) be faithful. 3. Giving/Resource Life – (a) generosity, (b) natural incubation, (c) harvest. Obey God, Give to God.

Rev. Simon

No Strongholds Can Withstand the Power of God

Sunday 13th September 2015: No Strongholds Can Withstand The Power Of God (Joshua 6:20). 1. Jericho: The Reality of Strongholds. 2. God’s Plan: Superior To Any Other. 3. God’s People: Marching In Obedience.

Rev. Simon

Anointed With Power From Above

Sunday 6th September 2015: Anointed With Power From Above (Isaiah 40:28-31; Acts 2:1-13). 1. To Fulfil The Purposes Of God On Earth. 2. To Live A Life On Fire For God. 3. To Leave A Legacy.