Sermon Archives: January2015

Pastor Ambrose

Located at the throne of Grace

Sunday 25th January 2015, 11:30am Located at the throne of Grace 1. A place of Faith 2. A place of Rest 3. A place of Promise 4  A place of Grace

Pastor Simon

From a Leftovers Collector, to Greatness

Sunday 25th January 2015; 8:30am From a Leftovers Collector, to Greatness 1. Ruth’s Decision 2. Ruth’s Hard work 3. Ruth’s Faith  

Pastor Simon

Mephibosheth Favor Comes Knocking

Sunday 18th January; 8:30am Mephibosheth Favour Comes Knocking 1. Favour from above 2. Favour Undeserved 3. Favour Unlimited

Pastor Ambrose

Located by Unlimited Favour

Sunday 18th January 2015; 11:30am Located by Unlimited Favour 1. Locates to Qualify 2. Locates by Design 3. Locates into Destiny

Rev. Ambrose

Anointing Service

Saturday 17th January 2015

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Pastor Ambrose

The Unlimited Favor

Sunday 11th January; 11:30am The Lord’s Unlimited Favor 1. The Purpose 2. The Promise 3. The Position    

Pastor Ambrose

Theme Vision 2015

Sunday 4th January 2015; 8:30am and 11:30am Theme vision for the year 2015. 1 The Encounter 2. The experience 3. The Engagement