So we started a blog…

So yeah.. Parkie Youth has officially started a blog. This is generally a space for the youth to write about what has really inspired them that week and what has spoken to them through the struggles and triumphs. It is a space to share real life faith applications and give a different view point on things. It will have a break down and general theme of the sermons(by monthly theme both from the main and youth sanctuaries), some inspirational posts,devotionals and some poetry to name but a few. The reason this blog was started was because we felt like it would be a good place to post regularly on life lessons and hacks, wisdom, devotionals, youth and living a fulfilled and God-filled life in short and non-preachy ways. It’s also another platform for the youth to connect to add on our other social media pages (links below).


So do feel free to comment, ask questions, critic or ask for a certain topic to be covered because this is a space and community for you. There is a whole team of lovable, young and adventurous people who will be working on this and would love to hear from you. Considering this is the year of divine appointments and February is the month of divine favor, I personally feel like it is the most opportune time to begin this journey. If you want to write up a piece or know of someone who has the talent and something burning in their soul they’d love to share with the world then feel free to fill this contact form.

With that being said, the posts here will be, God-willing, very regular. The posting schedule will be decided and you’ll be updated on it so that you can look forward to reading them. While you’re at it, subscribe if you’re super excited to see what will be posted here.

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