Rev. Ambrose

Response that Overcomes

Sunday 26th April 2015: Response that Overcomes (I John 5:1-16). 1. The Force of Unlimited Favour. 2. The Atmosphere of Unlimited Favour. 3. The Abundance of Unlimited Favour.

Rev. Simon

The Faith That Will Not Settle for Less

Sunday 26th April 2015: (JOSHUA: 10:1-15). 1. God’s Promise to Joshua. 2. A Powerful Confederacy Against Joshua’s March. 3. The Famous Prayer of Joshua.

Pst. Sammy

Activate Your Faith

Sunday 19th April 2015: Activate Your Faith (Matthew 8:5-10 and Luke 7:1-9). 1. Compassion. 2. Recognizing Authority. 3. Understanding Authority.

Rev. Ambrose

The Dynamic Response of Faith

Sunday 12th April 2015: The Dynamic Response of Faith (Romans 4:13-25). 1. Picture the Promise. 2. Position the Promise. 3. Propel the Promise.

Rev. Simon

The Formula for Unlimited Favor

Sunday 12th April 2015: The Formula for Unlimited Favour (Luke 5:1-11). 1. Toil with no Returns. 2. Faith and Obedience. 3. Unlimited Favor.

Rev. Ambrose

The Response of Unlimited Favour

Sunday 5th April 2015: The Response of Unlimited Favour (Matthew 17:14-21). 1. Response to the Prophetic. 2. Response to the Historical. 3. Response to the Dynamic.

Rev. Simon

Prevailing or Resurrection Favour

Sunday 5th April 2015: Prevailing or Resurrection Favour (Matthew 28:1-20). 1. The Empty Grave. 2. The Abundant Life. 3. The Universal Mission.

Rev. Ambrose

Fully Engaged in Proclaiming Unlimited Favour

Sunday 29th March 2015: Fully Engaged in Proclaiming Unlimited Favour (Romans 10:4-17). 1. The Heart. 2. The Mouth. 3. The Ear. 4. The Feet.

Rev. Simon

Proclaiming The Word That Never Fails

Sunday 29th March 2015: Proclaiming The Word That Never Fails (Isaiah 55:1-13). 1. Accomplishing Divine Wisdom and Intelligence. 2. Accomplishing Spiritual Awakening and Growth. 3. Accomplishing Effective and Fruitful Living.

Rev. Ambrose

Proclaiming The Prevailing Word

Sunday 22nd March 2015, Proclaiming The Prevailing Word (II Chron. 20:5-15). 1. It Is Divine. 2. It Is Directed. 3. It Is Dynamic. 4. It Is Delivering.