Rev Simon

A Time to Refresh Your Dream

Sunday 15th July 2018: A Time to Refresh Your Dream (Josh 14:6-15) 1. A Renewed Vision – See through God’s Eyes 2. A Renewed Vigor – A Bold Declaration 3. A Renewed Action Plan – Take Your Possession

Rev Ambrose

The Divine Overflow Actualized

Sunday 8th July 2018: The Divine Overflow Actualized (Deuteronomy 28:1-13) 1. The Promise – Your Inheritance 2. The Prayer – Your Demand 3. The Provision – Your Blessing 4. The Praise – Your Fulfilment

Rev Simon

Refreshed Abundantly

Sunday 8th July 2018: Refreshed Abundantly (1 Kings 16:36-46) 1. Elijah’s Altar – Addressing the root of the problem 2. Elijah’s Prayer – Asking for fire from above 3. Heaven’s Response – Abundant refreshment

Rev Simon

The Divine Overflow: A time to Refresh

Sunday 1st July 2018:The Divine Overflow: A time to Refresh (Psa 65:1-13, Acts 3:19) 1. A River flowing from God’s Presence – Divine Rain 2. A Reversal of the Wilderness – Divine Restoration 3. A Release of Abundance – Divine Riches

Rev Ambrose

Victory Guaranteed

Sunday 24th June 2018: Victory Guaranteed (1 SAM 17:32-52) 1. The Lord’s Name – A Strong Tower 2. The Lord’s Army – An Invincible Force 3. The Lord’s Hand – A Powerful Strength 4. The Lord’s Battle – A Strategic Engagement

Rev Simon

Command The Sun To Stand Still

Sunday 24th June 2018: Command The Sun To Stand Still (Joshua 10:1-15 ) 1.Authority Received – Devotion 2. Authority Spoken – Decree 3.Authority Consummated – Deployment

Apostle Joe Kayo

Overcoming Fatherhood Wounds

Sunday 17th June 2018: Overcoming Fatherhood Wounds 1. To Know Jesus is to Know everything 2. Knowing Jesus is Knowing the Ultimate     Apostle Joe Kayo

Deacon Francis Wairagu

Divine Authority – A Father’s Heart

Sunday 17th June 2018: Divine Authority – A Father’s Heart (LUKE 15:11-32) Aspects of a Father’s Heart  1.A Heart of fellowship and Generosity 2.A loving heart 3.A forgiving heart 4.Sees the best 5.Blesses his children

Rev Ambrose

Divine Authority Mandate

Sunday 10th June 2018: Divine Authority Mandate (Zechariah 4:1-14) 1. Authority from the Invisible 2. Authority for the Impossible 3. Authority through the Visible 4. Authority at the Insignificant

Rev Simon

God prizes a Cheerful giver

Sunday 10th June 2018: God prizes a Cheerful giver (1 CHRONICLES 29:10-20; & 2 CORINTHIANS 9:6-11) 1. Giving from the Heart – An act of Gratitude 2. Giving with a Plan – An act pre-meditated 3. Giving for Impact – An act with a Purpose