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The Kingdom Invasion

Sunday 4th November 2018: The Kingdom Invasion (ACTS 1:1-11) 1. A supernatural occurrence – GOD INITIATED 2. A demonstrative evident power – HOLY SPIRIT EMPOWERED 3. An uncontainable gospel – TRANSFORMATIONAL TRUTH. 4. A lifelong mandate – EVEN UNTO DEATH.

Rev Ambrose

Embraced by Kingdom Mindset

Sunday 28th October 2018: Embraced by Kingdom Mindset (Phil 4:1-13) 1. A Steadfast Mind – heaven Located 2. A Fruitful Mind – Spirit Generated 3. A thoughtful Mind – mentally Determined 4. A Strengthened Mind – Christ Centered

Rev Simon

Embracing a Breakthrough Mindset

Sunday 28th October 2018: Embracing a Breakthrough Mindset Zechariah 4:6-10, Matthew 17:14-20 1. Beyond Obstacles – Progress 2. Across Bridges – Reconciliation 3. Above Protocols – Elevation

Rev Ambrose

Embracing Divine Leadership

Sunday 21st October 2018: Embracing Divine Leadership (Acts 6:1-10) 1. The Need – Challenge Of Increase 2. The Mandate – Ministry of the Word and Prayer 3. The Proposal – Choose men full of Holy Spirit and Wisdom 4. The Commission – Presented, Prayed and laid hands 5. The Result – The word spread and there…

Rev Simon

Embracing your Divine Calling

Sunday 21st October 2018: Embracing your Divine Calling (Isaiah 6:1-8, Acts 13:1-5) 1. A vision of God – Look up 2. A vision of self – Look In 3. A vision of the assignment – Look Out

Rev Ambrose

Attracting Divine Embrace

Sunday 14th October 2018: Attracting Divine Embrace (Genesis 22: 1-18) 1.Prepared by Obedience – Release what is precious 2.Sustained by Expectation – Return with more than the precious 3.Propelled by Trust – Rely on the One eternally precious 4.Rewarded by Insight – Receive the precious promise for the present and future

Rev Simon

The Divine Embrace

Sunday 14th October 2018:The Divine Embrace(Luke 15:11-24) 1.God’s open Arms – Repentance and Forgiveness 2.God’s open Wardrobe – Restoration and Coronation 3.God’s open Feast – Joy and Celebration

Rev Ambrose

Divine Embrace – A Time to Hold Firm

Sunday 7th October 2018:Divine Embrace – A Time to Hold Firm (John 3:1-17) 1. Hold firm to divine Visitation – He Waits Faithfully 2. Hold firm to divine Revelation – He Unveils Truthfully 3. Hold firm to divine Circulation – He Moves Intentionally 4. Hold firm to divine Celebration – He Loves Unconditionally

Rev Ambrose

Depending on Divine Stability

Sunday 30th September 2018: Depending on Divine Stability (Romans 8:28-39) 1. He Purposes – Working His will 2. He Predestines – Presetting destiny 3. He Protects – Shielding His own 4. He Provides – Releasing supply 5. He Preserves – Connecting us To Himself

Rev Simon

Marks of a Secure Mindset II

Sunday 30th September 2018: Marks of a Secure Mindset (Colossians 3:1-17, Romans 12:1-8 ) 1. Anchored in Christ – A mindset at rest  2. Renewed by scripture – A mindset transformed 3. Manifested in service – A mindset commissioned