Rev. Ambrose

Anointing Impartation

Sunday 17th September 2017: Anointing Impartation (1 Sam 16:1-13) 1. Release the Blessing of Power 2. Release the Blessing of Joy 3. Release the Blessing of Confidence 4. Release the Blessing of Insight

Rev. Simon

Impartation By The Holy Spirit II

Sunday 17th September 2017: Impartation By The Holy Spirit II ( 1 Cor 12:1-11) 1. Imparted with Divine DNA 2. Imparted with Divine Power 3. Imparted for Divine Assignment

Rev. Ambrose

Covenant Impartation

Sunday 10th September 2017: Covenant Impartation (Gen 12:1-9)  1. I Will Show You – Release destiny 2. I Will Make You – Release greatness 3. I Will Bless You – Release Favor

Rev. Simon


Sunday 10th September 2017: Impartation By The Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8-14 , Acts 2:1-6) 1. The Divine DNA Impartation 2. The Divine Power Impartation 3. The Divine Assignment Impartation

Pastor Reagan

Jesus Christ: Saviour but also Lord

Sunday 3rd September 2017: Jesus Christ: Saviour but also Lord (Matthew 14:22-33) 1. Re-Align your life 2. Re-Focus your vision 3. Re-Ignite your faith

Pastor Flavia

Who Is The Greatest

Sunday 27th August 2017: Who Is The Greatest (Matthew 18 & Luke 15). 1. The Humble Not The Entitled. 2. The  Co worker Not A Sect. 3. A Son Not The Position.

Pst. Kiniti

Jesus: The Fountain of Healing

Sunday 20th August: Jesus: The Fountain of Healing. 1. Jesus is the Fountain of Healing 2. Jesus is CALLING! 3. Jesus is Present 4. Your Status 5. Your Situation

Rev Simon

Ministering Peace

Sunday 13th August 2017: Ministering Peace (Mark 4:35-41). 1. The Tongue of Peace. 2. The Action of Peace. The Impact of Peace.

Rev. Simon

Destiny Shapers

Sunday 6th August 2017: Destiny Shapers.  (Matthew 14:22-33)   1. A Destiny Word.      2. A Destiny Faith.      3. A Destiny Hand.  

Rev Ambrose

Prayers That Release Covenant Provision

Sunday 30th August 2017: Prayers That Release Covenant Provision (James 5:13-18). 1. Visionary Prayers. 2. Positional Prayers. 3. Declarative Prayers. 4. Transforming Prayers.