Rev Ambrose

The Year of the Lord’s Ever Increasing Faith

Sunday 13th January 2019: The Year of the Lord’s Ever Increasing Faith (Matthew 8:1-17) 1. Faith unleashes God’s will – To Cleanser 2. Faith commands God’s favour – To Deliver 3. Faith locates God’s power – To Restore

Rev Ambrose

Theme Vision 2019

Sunday 6th January 2019: Theme Vision 2019 (Hebrew:11:1-16) 1. Faith is the divine key  2. Faith is the divine hope 3. Faith is the divine force  4. Faith is the divine acceleration 5. Faith is the divine favour

Pst Victor

The silence is broken by the sound of the trumpet

Sunday 30th December 2018: The silence is broken by the sound of the trumpet (Luke :11:38) 1. The trumpet sound of Salvation – Delivered 2. The trumpet sound of Redemption – Bought Back 3. The trumpet sound of Restoration – Receive Back 4. The trumpet sound of Victory – Victory Assured

Pst Flavia

The Trumpet of Christmas

25th December 2018 Christmas Service: The Trumpet of Christmas (Luke 1:68-75) 1. A heaven on earth visitation – Clarity for all 2. A prophetic realization – Son born to a virgin. 3. The Promise Fulfilled – God with us.

Rev Ambrose

The Divine Trumpet of Christmas

Sunday 23rd December 2018: The Divine Trumpet of Christmas ( Luke 2:1-15) 1. The Sound that Locates – Our Destiny 2. The Sound that Directs – Our Guidance 3. The Sound that Celebrates – Our Productivity 4. The Sound that Communicates – Our Revelation 5. The Sound that Investigates – Our Confirmation  

Rev Simon

Divine Favor Delivered at Your Door Step

Sunday 23rd December 2018  Pst Simon Divine Favor Delivered at your Door Step (Luke 1: 26 – 38) 1.The Messenger of Divine Favor – Divine Visitation 2.The Word of Divine Favor – Divine Proclamation 3.The Purpose of Divine Favor – Divine Destiny

Rev Simon

A Season of Jubilation

Sunday 16th December 2018: A Season of Jubilation (Psalm 126:1-6, Acts 3:1-10) 1. Look Up – See the Season 2. Listen – Hear the Season 3. Stretch Out – Receive the Season 4. Rise Up – Live the Season 5. Shout Out – Proclaim the Season  

Rev Ambrose

A Time to Worship

Sunday 9th December 2018: A Time to Worship The Trumpet of Praise – Our Captivity is ended The Trumpet of Holiness – Our Identity is   Changed The Trumpet of Sacrifice – Our generosity is blessed  

Rev Simon

The True Worshipper

Sunday 9th December 2018:The True Worshipper (John 4:15-35) CONCECRATED – A Living Offering CHARISMATIC – Endowed with Gifts COMMISSIONED – Making a difference  

Pst Wachira

Shout to the Lord (ii)

Sunday 2nd December 2018: Shout to the Lord (ii) (JAMES 3:5-18, Psalm 98:4-6 ) 1. Perish for lack of knowledge – Perish for lack of knowledge 2. Set the captives free – Set the captives free 3. Shout for joy to the Lord – Shout for joy to the Lord! 4. Don’t despise the day of small beginnings – Don’t despise the day of small…