Rev Ambrose

Covenant Provision of Restoration

Sunday 23rd July 2017: Covenant Provision of Restoration (Joel 2:19-32). 1. The Jabez Restoration. 2. The Hannah Restoration. 3. The Job Restoration. 4. The Jairus Restoration.

Rev Simon

Covenant Wealth

Sunday 23rd July 2017: Covenant Wealth (Lk 5:1-11, Gen 17:3-8). 1. The Principle of Location. 2. The Principle of Work. 3. The Principle of Giving.

Rev Ambrose

Blessed Promises that Last

Sunday 16th July 2017: Blessed Promises that Last (1 kings 8:54-66) 1. Confident In The Promises 2. Committed To The Promises 3. Cultured In The Promises 4. Compelled By The Promises

Rev Simon

Walking in God’s Supernatural Provision

Sunday 16th July 2017: Walking in God’s Supernatural Provision ( MATT. 6:25-34 , PSA. 23:1-6 ) 1. Look at the Birds of the air 2. Look at the Lilies of the field 3. Look at Yourself

Pst Issac

Covenant Release; Embracing your moment

Revival Sunday 9th July 2017: Covenant Release; Embracing your moment 1. Be ready to put your faith on trial 2. Be careful who you choose to walk with you during this season 3. Learn to embrace the detour

Pst Munengi

Covenant Everlasting; My moment never ends

Revival Friday 7th July 2017: Covenant Everlasting; My moment never ends. (Genesis 17:1-11)  Promises that God made to Abraham. Two things that stood out. 1. Patience 2. Hope



Revival Thursday 6th July 2017. Covenant Identity; My 360 Moment! 1. From Bondage to Freedom 2. From limitations to God’s Ability 3. From Me to Mission 4. From Independence to Dependence


Covenant Promise; My Laughing Moment

Revival Wednesday 5th July 2017. Covenant Promise; My Laughing Moment (Genesis 17: 1-22) 1. Covenant Promises bring Joy 2. Covenant Promises result in Exceeding Fruitfulness 3. God keeps and fulfills His Covenant Promises through us.


COVEANT RESPONSE; My Moment of brokenness

Revival Tuesday 4th July 2017. Covenant Response; My Moment of brokenness (Gen 17:3)

Rev Ambrose

COVENANT GOD; My Moment With God

Revival Monday 3rd July 2017. Covenant God; My Moment With God (Gen 17:1-2) 1. Hand Over Moment 2. Turn Around Moment 3. Destiny Season Moment 4. Break Out Moment