Rev Ambrose

Covenant Lifestyle

Sunday 21st May 2017: Covenant Lifestyle (Matt 14:23-33). 1. A Walk of Faith. 2. A Walk of Vision. 3. A Walk of Prosperity. 4. A Walk of Grace. 5. A Walk of Integrity.

Rev Simon

The Exchanged Life

Sunday 21st May 2017: The exchanged Life (Phil. 3:1-14) 1. Surrendered. 2. Aligned. 3. Reproducing.

Rev Judy Mbugua

She Is A Proverbs 31 Woman

Sunday 14th May 2017: She Is A Proverbs 31 Woman (Proverbs 31:10-31)

Rev. Simon

Walking By Faith Not By Sight

Sunday 7th May 2017: Walking By Faith Not By Sight           (Luke 7:1-10 & Hebrews 11:8-12) 1. See What God Sees. 2. Speak What God Speaks. 3. Receive What God Gives.

Rev. Simon

Solving A Giant Problem

Sunday 30th April 2017: Solving A Giant Problem (1 Samuel 17:32-50). 1. The Challenge. 2. The Charge. 3. The Celebration.

Rev. Ambrose

The Overcomer’s Solution

Sunday 23rd April 2017: The Overcomer’s Solution ( Gen 32:17-30). 1. The Invisible Watchers. 2. The Intended Attitude. 3. The Important Utterance. 4. The Invincible Signature.  

Rev. Simon

Jesus, The Ultimate Solution

Sunday 23rd April 2017: Jesus, The Ultimate Solution (Acts 4:1-14). 1. The Chief Cornerstone. 2. The Author Of Salvation. 3. The Commander In Chief.

Rev Ambrose

Eternal Covenant Solution

Sunday 16th April 2017: Eternal Covenant Solution                   (1 Corinthians 15:1-20). 1. Foundational Solution. 2. Victorious Solution. 3.Eternal Solution  

Rev Simon

The Cross Is God’s Wisdom

Sunday 16th April 2017: The Cross Is God’s Wisdom                 (1 Corinthians 1:18-31). 1.The Paradox of God’s Method. 2. The Price Of God’s Love. 3.The Power Of The Resurrection

Rev Ambrose

Activating Covenant Solutions

Sunday 9th April 2017: Activating Covenant Solutions (John 5:1-15). 1. Believe The solution. 2. Receive The Solution. 3. Release The Solution.