Pastors Word

  Hebrew 11:1-16

Welcome to the year 2019! We celebrate our God and King for giving the gift of a New Year. This we do not take for granted. We know God has plans for us that will position us for a future and a hope. Our times are in His hands. We are honored to see and meet together in this New Year.

We declare that God is going to do a new thing and it is springing up in the NOW! We proclaim in the LORD that the expectations of the righteous will be realized in 2019.

We must embrace the grace of God for new things, new platforms and new directions. We must rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit each and every day.

As we usher in the year we must remember the following:

  1. Faith is the divine key into our new season. (Heb 11:6).
  2. Faith is the divine hope that attracts our expectation. (Heb 6:12, 13).
  3. Faith is the divine force to turn the tide around. (Mk 5:33, 34).
  4. Faith is the divine acceleration to propel us into destiny. (Rom 4:17-21).
  5. Faith is the divine favor that makes impossibilities. possible. (Heb 11:33).

We are getting ready to take off into the unseen realities of the Kingdom of God. Faith will get us there. So put on your seat-belt of prayer and expectation.

The Word of God is going to come true in your lives this year. His promises will be realized as you activate faith in every situation and testimonies will abound in your life.

Arise and shine.
Rev. Ambrose Nyangao.
6th January, 2019