Pastors Word

1 Sam 16:1-13

In this season of covenant impartation, it is important to connect to God’s word. God releases His blessing through impartation. Salvation is a free gift that is imparted to us when we believe in Jesus Christ as Lord.

Impartation also comes to us through the spoken word of God. God spoke to Abraham and imparted to him the covenant blessings.

We see David as a young boy receiving the impartation of power through anointing. God loves to impart to us His blessings.

The anointing impartation does the following things:
1. Releases the blessing of power – 1 Sam 16:13
2. Releases the blessing of joy – Psa 51:11-12
3. Releases the blessing of confidence – Psa 18:31-39
4. Releases the blessing of insight – 1 Sam 30:8

There is much more. God’s anointing is an essence of His being. It is sharing a part of Himself with us. Many of the men and women who did exploits in the Bible experienced this anointing. God’s work must be done through God’s anointing.

The impartation is a gift of the covenant. Position yourself well and receive the anointing allowing it to flow through you today.

Arise and Shine!

Rev. Ambrose Nyangao
17th September 2017