Pastors Word

Psalm 118:24

The Family is key in God’s Kingdom agenda. On this day as we celebrate Father’s Day, we acknowledge the role and part fathers play within  the family. It is important to note that God is known as our Heavenly Father. Every person on this earth has had a father.

We celebrate this divine assignment that has been given to men to be fathers. We must then remind the fathers that they are loved by God and they have a unique responsibility in His plan and purpose.

A father then is:
1. F – Focused on fulfilling God’s will – Josh. 1:3-7
2. A – Approved by obeying God’s word – Josh. 1:8
3. T – Trusted to manage God’s given family – Josh. 1:10
4. H – Honored and favored to carry God’s values – Josh. 1:16-18
5. E – Entrusted with wisdom to build God’s family – Josh. 3:5-6
6. R – Releasd with Abrahamic blessings to engage God’s covenant – Josh. 3:7-13

Joshua was an amazing leader in Israel. He took over from Moses and became a father to a great nation that needed to be settled in the Promised Land.

Fathers today can learn from the example of Joshua to release the same father-spirit in their families.

Happy Fathers Day!

Arise and Shine.

Rev. Ambrose Nyangao

18th June 2017