Pastors Word


(Gal 3:11-29)

The blessed inheritance we have in Christ is amazing.
This blessing is ours whether we know it or not. But
in this month we do not want to walk in ignorance.

The inheritance has been revealed to us in God’s
word. Read the passage above to receive this.
Demanding faith is what activates that which is ours
potentially to become ours experientially.

This faith enables us:
1. To release the blessings of the covenant (Gal 3:18, 22)
2. To release the blessings of abundance (Phil 4:19)
3. To release the blessings of restoration (Joel 2:25-29)
4. To release the blessings of victory (II Cor 15:54-58)
5. To release the blessings of renewed mindset (I Cor 2:9-16

This is a new day for you. God is saying ‘Behold I
do a new thing. Now it is springing up! Do you not
perceive it!’ You have faith.

Use it to activate that which you need in the store
house of God abundant blessings.

Arise and shine.

Rev. Ambrose Nyangao.
19th May, 2019