Pastors Word

Psalm 91:1-16

This month gives us the blessed opportunity to celebrate and walk in the covenant protection of the Lord.

When God spoke the covenant to Abraham, He committed Himself to be Abraham’s shield and great reward (Gen. 15:1). God indeed is our protection and He defends that which is His own. We are the apple of His eye and very dear to Him.

This moth we can be assured that we are safe and secure in the hands of the Living God.

God’s covenant protection is described in various words. We shall look at four of them:
1. Shelter – Psa. 27:5
2. Refuge – Isa. 25:4
3. Fortress – Psa. 18:2
4. Wings – Psa. 36:7

These are pictures of God’s covenant protection – His blessed refuge.

God knows that while we are in this world we face all kinds of problems and challenges. He comes ready to respond to any cry from His beloved children. He comes in to protect us from these dangers and tells us to trust Him and not to be afraid.

Commit your life into His care and you will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

Arise and Shine!

Rev. Ambrose Nyangao
5th November 2017