Pastors Word


(HEB 11:30-4)

The God-kind of faith brings the God-kind of results. Indeed we have been commanded to not walk by sight but by faith.

‘The word of God helps us handle the issues of life and the challenges that come our way. Some are spiritual, emotional, physical, economical, psychological, and the list is endless. In all these, faith is the key for victory. Faith is an action word.

The following are ways to action faith

  1. Speaking (Mk 11:22-23).
  2. Walking (Mt 14:29).
  1. Entering (Rev 3:7, 8).
  1. Obtaining (I Cor 9:24, 25

The examples of men and women of faith we are given in our key passage above remind us that God used ordinary men to accomplish extraordinary things. You must be part of that list.

Faith overcomes. Faith brings victory. Faith pleases God. It doesn’t matter what mountain you are facing currently, faith will move those mountains.

Arise and shine.

Rev. Ambrose Nyangao.
17th March, 2019