At Parklands Baptist Church we are blessed with a staff of men and women who love the Lord, follow His teachings, and obey His voice. They provide support for the vision and ministry of PBC, overseeing and supporting our assorted departments, ministries, functions, pastors and deacons.

  • Rev. Ambrose Nyangao

    Rev. Ambrose is the Senior Pastor at PBC.

  • Rev. Simon Mwangi

    Rev. Simon is the Associate Pastor at PBC.

  • Pastor Bernard Otuma

    Pastor Bern is the Pastor at PBC East Gate.

  • Pastor Victor Kimani

    Pastor Victor is the Missions Pastor at PBC.

  • Pastor Sylvester Achola

    Pastor Sylvester is the Youth Pastor at PBC.

  • Pastor Susan Wanjira

    Pastor Susan is the Children's Pastor at PBC.

  • Pastor Sammy Njoroge

    Pastor Sammy is the House Group Pastor at PBC.

  • Pastor Reagan Akaliche

    Pastor Reagan is the Worship Pastor at PBC.

  • Pastor Kevin Kung'u

    Pastor Kevin is the Assistant Youth Pastor at PBC.

  • Pastor David Kiniti

    Pastor Kiniti is Our Maturity Pastor

  • Pastor Flavia Murugi

    Pastor Flavia is the Pastor in the Ministry Identification Department