Our Operations staff oversee the day-to-day running at Parklands Baptist Church. From security, to transportation, human resources, communications, finances, procurement, cleaning and much more – they ensure that ministry is not hampered and flows smoothly.

  • Treza Nyaga

    She's our Administrator

  • Jennifer Timbomei

    She's Our Human Resources Officer

  • Kathy Okumali

    Kathy is our Communications Officer

  • Anne Tsumbi

    She's our Pastors Assistant

  • Elizabeth Munene

    She's our Receptionist

  • David Chege

    He's Our Finance Officer

  • Kevin Mwangi

    Kevin is our Clerk-of-Works

  • Josephine Kasungi

    Josephine is the Church Cook

  • Joan Orina

    Joan is our Finance Clerk

  • Paul Muganda

    Paul is our Caretaker

  • Jane Gitau

    Jane is our Administrative Secretary

  • William Ondu

    William is our Office Assistant

  • Geoffrey Marongo

    Geoffrey is our Office Steward / Cleaner

  • Ismail Ngunga

    He's the Sound Technician

  • Albert Kavita

    He's Our Procurement & Logistics Officer

  • Haggai Kasongo

    Kasongo is our Gardener

  • Stephen Mbeere

    He's the Executive driver

  • David Langat

    David is our Driver / Messenger

  • Joel Nyamwata

    He's the Driver

  • Kelvin Njenga

    He's Our ICT & WEB Coordinator

  • Joel Atuti

    He's Our Security Officer