Pastors Word

Mark 5:1-17

13…about two thousand pigs ran down the bank and drowned.

Salvation comes to us free but someone already paid a high price for it. It is easy to treat that which is special as a common thing if we fail to look at the larger picture. Jesus lived in holiness but agreed to wear a body of sin to redeem us.

In the story we read, two issues are at play here. There is a man in the neighborhood that nobody really cared for and had given up on. They just labelled him a demoniac. Then there was a hard working farmer who had grown a business substantially and was supplying pigs all over the region. His business was estimated at 0.5 million dollars (Ksh 50m) and he knew he could pay rent and food and take his kids to school. He had plans to expand the business by acquiring more grazing space in the near future.

One day, this ‘stranger‘ called Jesus came over for an unannounced visit and ruined his business and his future. No wonder the town people demanded that Jesus leave their space (verse 17). The demoniac however walked away a free man and became an evangelist in the Decapolis.

How much of what you have belongs to God? Is it 10% or 100 %? This time round, Jesus decided to go for a 100 %.

Consider the following:
• We are His creation (Eph. 2:10)
• Created and Crafted even in our Mother’s Womb (Ps. 139:13)
• The Sheep of His Pasture (Ps. 100:3)
• We are Bought at a Price (1 Cor. 6:20)

Consider the Cost! Be renewed in your mind.

Pastor Wachira Muriithi
11th March 2018