Sermon Archives: February2019

Rev. Simon

Walking On Water

Sunday 17th February 2019: Walking On Water (Matthew 14:22-33) 1. Step Out by Faith – Obey God’s Word. 2. Keep The Focus – Refuse to be Destructed. 3. Depend on God – Pray.

Rev Ambrose

Saving Faith on the Go

Sunday 10th February 2019: Saving Faith on the Go (Matthew 10:1-14) 1. The Mandate – The Authority of Faith 2. The Movement – The Flow of Faith 3. The Message – The Word of Faith

Rev Simon

The Gift Of Salvation (ii)

Sunday 10th February: The Gift Of Salvation (ii) ( Eph 2:1-10, Rom 3:21-31) 1. A Powerful Gift – Liberating 2. A Precious Gift – Fully Paid For 3. A Pass – on – Able Gift – Go Tell

Rev Ambrose

Saving Faith- Redeeming the World

Sunday 3rd February 2019: Saving Faith- Redeeming the World (Eph 2:1-10) 1. Faith in the complete work – The price is paid 2. Faith in the established new position – The position is elevated 3. Faith in the transformed destiny – The purpose is prearranged

Rev Simon

The Gift of Salvation

Sunday 3rd February 2019: The Gift Of Salvation (Eph 2:1-3) 1. A Powerful Gift – Liberating 2. A Precious Gift – Paid For 3. A Personal Gift – Receive It