Sermon Archives: November2017

Dr. S.W. Mokolwe

Three Relationships That Shape How One Parents

Sunday 19th November 2017: Three Relationships That Shape How One Parents (Proverbs 12:18). 1.The relationship you had with your parents while growing up. 2.The relationship you presently have with your spouse. 3.The relationship you have with your children.

Rev Ambrose

The Protective Prayer That Prevails

Sunday 12th November 2017: The Protective Prayer That Prevails ( Acts 4:23-33) 1. The Name – The strong tower 2. The Power – The stretched hand 3. The Spirit – The strategic word  

Rev Ambrose

Covenant Protection

Sunday 5th November 2017: Covenant Protection ( Psalms 91:1-16 ) 1. Shelter – His presence  2. Refuge – His word 3. Fortress –  His strength 4. Wings – His ANGELS